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Hardcore mode gamers wanted - UK - PS3


"Ev/L - Hardcore" is a hardcore only clan, though we do take part in the core ops. In Fridays HC KC we came 137th with 8 members playing. Then on Saturday came 890th in the Core KC with 7 members. We are a strong clan who have played together mostly since MW2 and are looking for new members.



Clan info;

Rank 28...once xp from last challenge added

31 members

K/D 1.24




Be a strong team player

K/D above 1 if premium if non-premium above 1.5

Mic Required!

Be 16+

From UK

Play Hardcore


Apply direct on CoD Elite by searching clans for "Ev/L - Hardcore" or message Szwec17 on PSN


Being a premium member is useful but not essential (just means you can contribute to the Clan Ops) With the new Clan Challenges even those not premium will be able to contribute towards clan levelling


Any questions leave a comment, cheers