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[AoTi] Ashes of the Innocent - Xbox Division (Also Wii and PS3) Well organized and friendly clan!

Ashes of the Innocent - AoTi




Hello there MW3 community!

The AoTi clan has been around since W@W for the Wii, and we're a pretty big clan within the PS3 and Wii Division, however.. our Xbox division is rather small.  We currently have 14 members.


Counting all the divisions, (Wii, PS3, Xbox) we have about 80+ members total!


We are an organized clan made up of a bunch of mature players whom love to party up with other members, and have tons of fun while destroying anything that crosses our path viewed upon death,



For the Xbox division, we are pretty laid back. We aren't strict on rules and such, and of course we are a small division. But the clan itself is not small.



You can get along with the people of the other division, post amongst our forums, and chat within our clan chat to fit in and get to know each other more. Become a part of the family, and play our games together like they were meant to be played, for fun! We maintain the clan, so immature players are booted and awesome players stay!



Of course the division of the clan is small, but it would help if I advertise our clan, the more people that join the bigger it grows.



The requirements again are not strict for Xbox.

- Be mature

- Respect everyone within the clan

- DO NOT double clan!

- Always wear the AoTi Clan tag

- No hacks or mods to have advantages over other players

- Join in determination to stay within the clan

- No noobtubes or rocket launchers

- No spawn trapping

- Have a KD/R above a 1.00

- Have fun!



Refer here for the other big rules




Chat with us here!

http://ai-hq.com/page.php?p=xat-side-by-side-chat&sid=03e257e8afe9899773dc94f4fd 3b3bc4


Interested in joining the clan family, helping our clan expand, and running with our AoTi clan tag? Make an account on our website, copy the text below and make a new post on the division you wish to join and fill out the app!



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------


Entry Application:


Current Age:

Location (optional):

Skype (optional):

Why are you interested in Ashes of the Innocent?

How did you hear about Ashes of the Innocent?

What do you expect to do or accomplish here?

Have you been in a different clan before?

If so, why did you leave the aforementioned clans?


Fill in all that apply-

Wii Code (optional):

XBL Gamertag:








Call of Duty-

Friend Codes, K/D Ratio, W/L Ratio

Call of Duty WaW:

Call of Duty BO:

Call of Duty 4:

Call of Duty MW3:


Other games you own (optional):


XBOX 360-


Call of Duty-

K/D Ratio, W/L Ratio

Call of Duty MW3:

Call of Duty BO:

Call of Duty MW2:


Other games you own (optional):




Battlefield 3-

Join the AI BF3 platoon: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/pl ... 987091621/

Link to your Battlefield 3 Battlelog:


Call of Duty-

K/D Ratio, W/L Ratio

Call of Duty BO:

Call of Duty MW3:

Call of Duty MW2:

Call of Duty 4:

Call of Duty WaW:


Other games you own (optional):




Games you own:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------


We hope to see many new members, and to have the clan grow to r@pe our enemy team and have fun


TL;DR - Read the rules and join you lazy arse.


any questions? Ask below!