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    Yep, I agree...defining skill accurately may be a very hard thing to accomplish.  Maybe your idea is best... rankings etc...some motivation for the "serious gamers" (i always find that term an oxymoron lol) to play against each other and have another lobby for noobs like me. 


    Its no fun getting stomped all the time, but I just laugh at myself and move on.  I've got better things to worry about that my stats, w/l, etc... 


    Good luck!  Hope to run into you some time online...hopefully I will be on the other team so you can do well!

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    LOL I am not sure how to take that, really. But I agree. Its all about having fun. When I first started on W@W I was God Awful, but still just had fun. Nobody yelled or screamed at me when I had a bad game, and I eventually improved. I always say I am an average player, and I don't have any aspirations of being an MLG pro.


    I try to enjoy MW3, but its so hard sometimes with the way things are. Not only is the game itself a mess, the community just seems more hostile than ever. I get a few awesome people from time to time that are just fun to play with, but its happening fewer and far between.


    I enjoy myself when I play with my friends, but they are not enjoying playing anymore either, so its harder to catch them online.


    Keep having fun man, thats what its all about.

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    LOL...no offense intended...

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