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Regarding Black Ops 2 and moving to PC - advice and opinions please

I'm a long term PS3 CoD player, who has recently got a great gaming PC rig and have been having a lot of fun on Skyrim, BF3 (such a different game to the console version!) amongst other games and to be honest I haven't played MW3 on my PS3 much in a while, and I have little interest in buying the new DLC for it etc.


So in the coming months I am faced with a choice of whether to buy BO2 on PC or go back to my PS3 for it. I am very disappointed with the PS3 MW3 version, and I've kind of got over the inital keyboard/mouse re-learning curve (I used to PC game years ago) compared to a controller and would say I am comparable on both now as far as my skill level. I know I will get better graphics and frame rates on PC (I found the technical performance appalling bad on BO1 for PS3) but I worry about the security/hacker protection, and also how the matchmaking works on PC CoD. It seems the PC forums for MW3 is constant complaint stream about a hack fest. I would really appreciate opinions from any people who have used both or made the transition, and what they think. I haven't played any online CoD multiplayer on PC before.


I would say that the game is probably designed for xbox primarily, but my xbox finally packed in I would never invest in such old hardware again just for one game, so that is not an option.


Thanks in advance for any constructive input.