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    out of all the cod players i know i have never heard one person say this dlc model is great, not one person, shambolic to say the least nobody knows half the time what is going on with it.


    also i cannot comprehend how anybody would want anything other than full mp maps as dlc to enjoy, spec ops really? face off really? maybe do a poll abt this for next time?


    nobody i know that has purchased elite even plays the new maps anyway, your stuck with them for months on elite only palylists with gamemodes you cannot stand to play.( also lag is way op on elite please nerf)


    when you think back how simple everything was and it worked a treat, you waited with baited breath for the dlc to come around full mp maps to get stuck into.....its all went pete tong!

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    Hey GHANDI...Good morning!   I have a question for you regarding the Hard Core modes.  I understand why you guys changed SND to Ricochet.  However, being made to play Hard Core for one clan op each week I have a serious issue with ricochet.  If I call in a predator, precision airstrike, stealth bomber, and worse of all (if I die and have martydom selected), I die.  This is rediculous.  My question is, are you guys ever going to change the other modes, except SND, back to non ricochet?  It doesn't make sense for me to die if I call in one of those killstreaks and hit my team accidentally.  If my teamate is too dumb to not walk in front of me when I am shooting an enemy, he should die.  Please reply and let me know if this is possible.  Thanks...

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    I would much rather have Spec Ops instead of multiplayer maps. Once I play the new maps once, it's just another map that I don't care for. Doesn't add anything new that I haven't seen in the old maps. Spec Ops, yeah, I play it a few times and quit, but I have a lot more fun playing that then the new MP maps(in which my overall gaming experience will stay EXACTLY the same). Just my opinion though. I was always hoping for Spec Ops DLC in MW2.

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    well i'm shocked at that statement, you only play a map once and are bored, maybe in general you are wore out with the series or maybe this years edition has just left you deflated, i can count on one hand how many maps i like this year, very dissappointed in that respect.


    but fosho full multiplayer maps is where its at imo

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    something is troubling me......when hosting using ump45 rapid fire/ silencer, how many marshmallows does it take to kill someone point blank range?


    does it matter what colour of marshmallows your firing? white or pink

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    Hosting sucks!!  When I had my QOS set up and limited my upload and download speeds...the game played perfectly for the past 2 weeks because I was never selected as host.  I disabled my QOS this morning to see if being host on the PS3 is still horrible....And guess what??   I can't get a kill to save my damn life even when the guy is looking away from me.  You guys have got to fix this crap!!  When I am host, I am at a serious disadvantage in this game.  Before I started writing this rant, I went back into my router settings and enabled it again.  I will NEVER, and I repeat NEVER be host in this game again.  Are you looking into this problem?  Or are you just ignoring posts about host disadvantage?  This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed!!

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    yip had the same crap since day one hosting this game, ordered my new super dooper router yesterday and can join you in limiting QOS, i'm even more excited now after reading your post to be kept out the hosting duties, cannot wait to 3 bar and drink from the godmode fountain.....its like a mirage to me.

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    Let me clarify.  I'm never in god mode when I limited my upload and download speeds.  I am always 4 bar and win 4 out of 5 gunfights.  What I see in my killcam matches what I see when I get killed.  If I see someone first, I win that gunfight.  When I don't, I lose.  That's the way COD has always been, until now.  When I am host..I can never win a gunfight when I see someone first.  I never have time to ADS before I die.  I NEVER get a red screen showing I have been damaged.   I always go from hearing a gunshot, to instadeath.  This game could be the best in the installment when it comes to being balanced.  How horrible the maps are is for another day.  On that subject, why do you think Terminal is selected everytime it comes up for the Xbox players??  Because that map wasn't made by sledgehammer games and it's clutter every damn inch philosopy..  Back on subject, I would suggest setting your download speed to 3 meg and your upload speed to 258kbs for starters.  If you are still selected host, slow down your download speed.  I have found that limiting my upload to 258 and my download to 3, I have enough bandwith to play the game perfectly without the worries of being host.  With that being said, if they fix the host disadvantage, I'll disable my QOS and be a quality host again....Just sayin!!!

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    thanks for the info was just going to ask that about settings, much appreciated


    just to clarify when i said godmode i refer to the rare occasion when i 3 bar, its night and day differance from the horrible 4 bar hosting thats the norm for me, i feel unstoppable cause i can kill people and bullet reg works.....yes i'm easily pleased i know!

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    What was the 'playlist update' that PS3 got early this AM???