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It'd be nice if there were specifics in the Elite Playlist's JUST HOW they are in the General's List... Examples;... All or Nothing/18 Guns/One in the Chamber should be seperated. Why not just replicate the playlists from the General Playlist's interface, but categorize it under the ELITE PLAYLISTS section ? If people are paying for a premium account and have access to all these new MP maps, it'd be nice to get the choice  as well on what mode you actually feel like playing. You got 'Elite Objectives' which randomly drops you into playing CTF? TEAM DEFENDER? S&D? HQ? DROPZONE..??? list goes on..Being that players ACTUALLY DO pay to see whats inside that extra ELITE playlist tab, you'd think they'd be able to decide for themselves on the type of game mode they feel like. If I feel like trying out Team Defender using one of the new maps, I gotta cross my fingers over a bible and wish upon a star as well.........that it even comes up as a voting option for that matter ha. Trying to make the best out of MW3 until November so work with us a little here. =/



Lastly just wanted to add I'm aware of all the 'match-making improvements' that have been made over the last few updates for Playstation, but i'm not too sure any of them relate to the irritating problem tons of us have..of joining you into a game thats either half way in, or loading you into a map instantly showing you the Final Kill Cam for the game. I'd think something similar to the alghorythym method used when not enough players are in a lobby.....(how it searches for another incomplete lobby of players to merge you into...)