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Community Playlist updates (WANTED)



I think the community playlist should have a few updates:

  1. New guns. Use guns that are harder to level up with (Model 1887, AS50, RSASS or USAS-12).
  2. I personally believe that a COMMUNITY PLAYLIST should consist of all the maps (Face off and Standard and Advanced maps).
  3. In FFA Gunplay, under ALL OR NOTHING, you should not get ammo. all knives and throwing knives. Once someone gets one kill they can just go hard and win 200 - 1000, its ridiculous.
  4. I dont have much to complain about Drop Zone, I love it. Basically ive had many care packages land on me, rooftops and enemies.


If you have any more updates you might want to add then feel free to comment


Thanks I hope you consider these updates!