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    they do have alternate costumes one for beating story mode one for getting 100% completion one you start off with and the rest for taking pic of spidey symbols

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    i want all suits of spidey with all of them having different powers and abilities. this will lead to more fun,better combat,better swinging etc,better gadgets etc, there should have been spider-man 2099 costume in which spidey could have flied and swung.

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    If They make dlc costumes here are some they definitely need:


    The Classic Symbiote - What is the black suit without its awesomness and this is its awesomness

    Iron Spider - The iron spider is a epic suit and needs to be in this game

    Ben Reilly - You need Ben, its the rules

    Old Scarlet Spider - same as the Ben Reilly one

    Cosmic Spidey - This Suit is just epic

    2099 - Epicness

    Classic Spidey - If you have the Classic Symbiote you need the Classic Red Suit

    Peter Parker


    Amazing Bag-Man


    Blood Spider

    Normal Future Foundation

    Unlimited Spider-Man




    Quick Change Spidey



    These can be stored in a chest, under the bed, in his locker at school, on top of the cupboard and in another chest

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    Truth be told, it's not likely we will get that many costumes, IF they decide to do costume DLC (aside from Vigilante).


    At a maximum, I'd expect 4 or 5, maybe. The original red-and-blue (easy enough - they just need to recolour the Negative Zone suit), original Symbiote, 2099, Iron Spider and Unlimited (which we haven't seen in a long time in a game) would be my choices.

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    my suggestion is that there must be a new dlc introduced with all costumes from comics,all spidey's cartoon series and previous spidey games from ps1, and all costumes g=having their own respective powers.

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    wow, great,u did a grat job by naming so many costumes. i suggest a newer dlc with all these costumes and their respective powers!  but r there any more costumes than u have mentioned? the one if u did not mention must b there in the dlc with their own unique powers etc

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    wow,u r so right, i saw the negative zone costume and i did not like it, i remember the spider-man 1 on ps1 where i collected a spidey icon and spideer-man used to become like negative zone spidey! but all other suits u have mentiond must b there with their own respective powers.! it will b so much fun!!!!!!!!

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    but there must be all suits form comics and previous spidey games and cartoons. with their own unique powers, tthis will makethe game real fun they should come with a dlc in which there r unlimited crimes and other activities etc which makes the games less lonely after completing it 100%

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    Sorry, but you just won't get costumes with unique powers in this game. It's been that way for a very long time.

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    I'd -love- to see a Scarlet Spider skin like the one for Edge of Time