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2 things to say

I tweeted at candice capen a couple  diffrent times throght a few days and no answer i said in them (1st one nice) are wii going to get a patch ever no answer 2nd is wii going to get a patch if you cant say just answer or point me in the dirrection to ask someone else  or  just please  say no  3rd well obviusly you guys dont care you cant even answer a simple qustion     Once while today she answerd the same guy on xbox like 3 times to me this puts the final nails in the coffin if you would say that they dont care about wii       


     My second thing i wanted to say is good bye to all of you on wii i will still be here but just not playing mw3 as often  i bought an xbox an have fallen in love with skyrim  Bye it was  a good time sence cod 3 -John