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CANT play MW3 Online - Venezuela -

After playing for a few hours last night it asked for an update, just thought ok, ill do it tomorrow.


Today when i logued in as I normally do into the game and wanted to start playing KC it went into the "you have to download bla bla"..

The thing is that on THAT blue screen from PSNetwork says there's NO content available... (Not even a search tab)


Sooo? What am I supposed to do?

Btw, on the spine of the cover it doesnt says BLES 012345 or whatever number there is. Mine for some reason it says BLUS and some random numbers, bought it in NY... =/


I've already seen a couple of answers of previous posts but none have really helped me with this issue.

Already tried downloading like 4 of the "Terminal" maps, still with the same issue. (from the PSN itself) - Cant play online.


- Suggestion for FUTURE updates -

Dont make the players download anything if its not going to be automatically downloaded for a better performance of the game.

What if my dog ate the cover? I wont be able to see what the BLES-BLUS code is? - Get real -


I'd really appretiate any helpful answers, feel free to post your thoughts on it aswell.

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    Yeah this is happening to lots of people, i'm sure its just a temporary bug that will be fixed by Infinityward asap

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    Its a joke man, seriously. So this is what has transpired since the last patch 19.9


    If you live anywhere else in the world besides America, but have an American copy of the game - BLUS, you're screwed. Why? Because playstation stores are either American or the rest of the world. Too bad if you live in another country besides America, but own an American copy of the game!!


    What brain dead moron decided it was a good idea to release this patch and thus alienating all these users who own American copies of the game but live outside of America?? Seriously, heard of quality control????


    What options does this leave us? You either have to create a new psn account and specifiy that your region is American so you can download the BLUS packs, losing all your saved data, or buy a BLES - rest of the world copy. Great options, not. Thanks for nothing Activison. Great, professional way to treat your customers

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      man this is torturing seriously
      i don't know what will happen next

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      If your version of the game is BLUS (U.S copy) and your account is set to a country that isn't the U.S then just create a u.s account, download the correct map and play the game on your 1st account.

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        This way definitely worked and didn't cause me to lose any of my saved data. Though it is stupid for Activision to make you do all that just to get back online. Takes a few mins to set up a new account and you need to know the US poscode for the city you're gonna put in, but that can easily be looked up. Other than that, just yeah, download the map from PSN by searching Modern Warfare 3, and then log back over to your old account with all your saved data and play. Hope this helped. And yeah, I'm from Australia with a US version of the game.

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    happends whit me and i bought it today..... (norway)