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stop rapid fire controllers

i play mw3 to play for fun at tmes and for alittle challenge at times. now i know im not the only one who gets frustraded when you see people shooting the 50 cal and rsass like an assult rifles. what can infinity ward do to stop them?

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    I completely agree with you. I want to see some action taken to stop the cheaters. I find myself not even wanting to finish a match when someone is using one. They are getting out of hand. Tried to play a 3 FFA, every match someone was using one two or three in some(video in My Vault # 24). Something needs to be done before this disease spreads more!!!

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    I don't think infinityward can do anything about this. Sad! but it's annoying for everyone! I could buy some of those to just piss those modded controllers back but It doesn't matter anyway, the game is broken what can we do? that's a great question. I HATE PLAYERS THAT HAS NO SKILLS AND JUST RELYING FOR THEIR MODDED CONTROLLERS!