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IW, why no love for the CM901?

From the looks of it they are done with balancing ARs and SMGs. But what about the CM901? This gun needed a buff more then the FAD or AK did. So why didn't you buff it? Ok, I bet some people on here are going to say, "Its good, you just don't know how to use it!". Let me explain.


The CM901 is almost entirely outclassed by three weapons now, the ACR, AK47, and FAD.


The ACR has a higher RoF, MUCH better recoil, faster reloads, and gets OHKs at all ranges in hardcore. If you want to give up all that the for 5-10% more range, be my guest.


The AK47 has better recoil, slightly higher RoF, and more range then the CM901. All the CM901 gets over the AK is a slightly faster reload.


The FAD has the same time to kill as the CM901 up close, and kills much faster then the CM901 at ranges. Plus it has MUCH better recoil, larger mags, and a bonus of 2.5x second aim speeds. All the CM901 gets is a slightly faster reload.


So basically, there is no reason to use the CM901 when you have the ACR, FAD, and AK47.


Know its time for me to give suggestions on how to buff the CM901. Giving it less recoil or more range alone will not fix the CM901 as it would still be outclassed by the FAD and probably the others as well.


So, how about we make it more like the TAR-21 that we all miss from mw2? I would suggest giving it 723 RPM (same as the TAR's). This way it would give you power at the expense of accuracy, like the TAR-21 did. It would also no longer be outclassed by the three weapons I mentioned, but wouldn't outclass them either. We had that underbarrel glitch that raised the CM901's RoF up to 750 RPM, giving it 723 RPM wouldn't be too much to ask for.


Or, you could instead give it 50 damage to make it a 2 hit kill kill at point blank. This would turn it into the M60 of assualt rifles. Low rate of fire and accuracy for power up close.



So there are my suggestions. I see no reason the CM901 should lose out on getting buffed when the AK47, which already outclassed it, got a buff. There should always be some sort of reason to use one gun over another.

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    You know, I've been thinking that the CM901 was the closest thing to the TAR-21 of the game, since it was released. The underbarrel glitch was great for the weapon, even if it made the SCAR-L and the AK47 useless (to me).


    I'd love for the underbarrel glitch to return as the standard (like it did with the Extended Mags glitch with Shotguns, for the USAS 12). Right now, though, the closest thing to the TAR-21, is the G36C, but I personally don't care for the completely vertical recoil (It's too damn high. See what I did there?).


    The CM901 either needs a buff, or it may as well not have been included in the Multiplayer, because it really is that bad.