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Multi-Monitor Support From Developers Needed


I have played every Call of Duty to date and there is no doubt in my mind that I will get COD Black Ops 2 also. The thing is that I use mutiple monitors and would like to see support from the developers Nvidia/Surround and AMD/ Eyefinity out of the box instead of trying to find 3rd party software or hacks to fix the problem of stretching and field of view in MW3. If I play at 5760x1080 the imaged is stretched way too much and it makes the game quite unplayable. I found "widescreen fixer"and that really helped but when Steam updated it rendered this patch useless. Now I have to either wait for another fix or just go back to gaming on one monitor @ 1920x1080.

At one point in gaming there was a struggle to keep up with the lastest software, Crysis pushed hardware and wallets to extremes and helped in the evolution and state of today's hardware. Now that we have the hardware to drive graphics at resolutions that were unimageable 7 years ago it's like they can't see the direction the future of gaming is taking or trying to hold PC gamers back to make the Xbox 360 still look like a viable gaming solution. All the new GPU's coming out have multiple display ports and support either Nvidia/Surround or AMD/Eyefinity, Prices on LCD and LED monitors are the best I have seen in a long time, it would seem like a no brainer that any and all developers would support this growing technology. It's like you're holding us back now. We have the hardware and now we are throwing down the gauntlet....Is this the best you can do? All the Xboxer's have had the fun in the 1080p sun now it's time to leave this rest stop and get back on the road.



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    I uderstand what you mean, but with 3 monitors you lose verticle vision. It's great for racing, because all the action is in a narrow band across the horizontal, but not for FPS... in my humble opinion.

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      To the OP - I haven't tried this myself, but can't you use the FOV changer to enable what you are seeking (I believe its now allowed by Steam and IW).


      To BetterBusBureau, you do not lose any vertical vision as you are extending your field of view to the two side monitors, provided the FoV/aspect ratio can be set correctly. It doesn't (or shouldn't if coded correctly) stretch the central monitor's picture out to the edges of the two peripheral monitors.


      I think I'll try the FoV changer myself and have a look, because I've succesfully run my 3 screen setup at 4800x1200 (3x1600x1200 monitors) in ARMA 2 and Operation Flashpoint:Red River.


      Of course it does give me an advantage, but that's another debate ;-).

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        Hmmm, 1600X1200 is an odd size these days. With 3 of them, that's a 4 to 1 ratio, width to height, or 16 X 4. 16 X 9 is the standard monitor proportions these days. I don't think FOV changer will make "that" much difference with 3- 16 X 9 monitors, but it would certainly help. Do some testing to get back to us, that would be an enteresting experiment I run in a 1280 X 720 Window and pull the monitor in close. Without the FOV Changer, that gives you as much width and height possible in this game. Bigger is not always better, but what suits you is