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Just a suggestion. Tell me what you think..

Would you think having a 'freeze-tag  team deathmatch" be cool or fun?


hear me out,


it would be like Search and Destroy, but without the bomb or  the 1 life per round.


The objective is: The team that can freeze all of  the opposing team wins the match. pretty simple?  well not if the other team continuously unfreezes your kills. :)


How will you be able to unfreeze? simple, just go up and stand where your teammate is frozen.. a 5-10 second unfreeze time could be given to give your opponents the opportunity to stop you from unfreezing.

Another way a teammate could be able to unfreeze you is by letting out laser or beam of light, the downside of using your laser to unfreeze is that it give away your position of where you're hiding. but it also means you can save teammates from long distances.


people who are frozen will be able to spectate their teammates who are not frozen. (just like in search and destroy) 

this game modes would just add  more options to do when you get tired of all the classic game modes like TD, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, Domination, etc.


let me know what you think? personally I think this would be a great add on to the game.