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HC Domination has become nothing but a NOOB Tube fest!

Decided to have a few games of HC DOM last nyt with a friend and it was just the 2 of us from our clan playing. First game started in terminal with us running straight to C from the top spawn and both of us throw down trophys and cover the esculators but we were greeted with an onslaught of tubes and they quickly exhausted our trophys and we died..


We tried to come back, putting trophys out before the flag as they continued to spam tubes constantly...they didnt go for C, they just sat and waited for us to try and cap...It didnt help that no other team mate would join us in trying to push them back as they were sitting in corners protecting their K/Ds!


Second game on hardhat was even worse... We got the easy A and B side but once again as soon as we set up to cap B a rain of tubes and rockets came flooding in! After that we couldnt get back near B...


I stood and watched at a safe distance and they were tubing one after another even when there was noone there lol! I mean, what skill is there in that?


I know im gona hear "well you should get better at the game" and all the usual hard man internet talk but im talking about the poor randoms that play DOM and dont have a team to back them...The only way you can beat this sort of gameplay is to go in a squad of 6 on a flag and have 6 trophys out!


Its an absolute joke and the cod community are turning into a bunch of ***** with their skilless tactics..Id love IW to ban Tubes and rockets from DOM and see how good they are then... Pathetic...