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The "secret" formula for enjoying the darn game.

You know, it's quite pathetic that I have to tell you how to find joy in this video game. First of all, throw out your ego and your tattered tryhard panties. They are doing nothing but trouble--and are making you look foolish. It's just a video game (for the 10 billionth time lol ), and it means or proves nothing. Just grab a few buds, and go have a good night together. Appreciate these cool weapons and maps and etc. Find enjoyment in them. Just be yourself and have fun. Don't stress about stats or winning. Just have FUN. It's okay to want to win, but don't STRESS over it.


If you follow these simple steps, the so called "bullcrap" in this game won't even faze you. And if your still going to pride yourself off a video game, or put others down, or just even take any importance of it, than you have serious problems and just need to get a life. Seriously, if you think this game means or proves something, get a life. You just look like an idiot. Man up and stop crying over a video game. I'm just trying to help you guys... Let's make the community the once great community it used to be.

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    When people stop taking it so seriously. We all need to realize that yes this game has many faults. But we all need to get over stats. I don't care if your k/d is 3+, you just know how to get 5-7 kills and let your killstreaks do there work, KILLING! That's it. I suggest staying in community playlists. Not taking it so seriously. Going against a party? Back out. Not doing good in a lobby? Find a new one. Don't have a mic? Get one and have friendly conversations. This way when you are on opposite teams it's just you playing against a semi-friend, so you won't be so mad when they kill you. Don't have good teammates? Leave the game after you see the scoreboard.


    MW3 is pretty easy to kill someone. So it's difficult to stay alive without staying in one spot a majority of the time.


    Write the games competitive nature out, because it's often non existent.


    And just appreciate that it's a game. Dying isn't the end of the world

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    Sometimes, I agree with you.  People get way too worked up over a video game.  Yes it's just a video game.  But personally, I have the most fun when competition is at the highest level.  So if that means trying my heart out to win, so be it.  If that means trash talking back and forth in the lobby, so be it.  Yes it's a video game.  Yes, I realize it has almost no bearing on "real life" so to speak.  But some people DO take pride in being good at a particular game.  If you haven't noticed, not everyone has the ability to play this game at a high level. 


    Also, you brought up that the community should just play for fun.  That's fine.  But then you bring up anyone that takes pride, blah blah blah has no life.  That phrase seriously just needs to stop being used.  So what if someone plays video games a lot more than you?  So what if someone has a higher k/d than you.  So what if someone takes pride in being good at a video game. When someone calls someone else a "no life" for beating them or for try-harding, that is ridiculous.  Just because someone plays more than you and is better than you doesn't mean that they have no life and you do.  All it means is they are better at the game than you.

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    "Steps to enjoy the darn game".


    -Play without ego?  Ego makes this game enjoyable.  I want to be the beast of the room and piss people off, it's funny.


    -Don't be a tryhard?  Don't try hard, is that what this means?


    -Appreciate the cool weapons?  I would enjoy them more if there wasn't an elite weapon for each class.  Sure I will play with others, but what is the point?  Is playing with the worst guns and trying to make them gold, being a try hard?  Which isn't part of the steps to enjoy the game.


    -Appreciate the maps?  I appreciated my mom's cooking as a kid, because she bought the food, made it, and I had no other choice.  I bought this game with my money, I don't have to appreciate garbage.  I do like hardhat though


    -Be yourself?  The game isn't a dating site.  I can be whoever I want to be.


    -Have fun?  I want to follow this step so much.  But I am a cry baby.  Mainly because the game doesn't do what it is suppose to do and what I want it to do.


    -Dont stress about stats/winning?  This one is true.  Stats aren't important, you aren't immortalized.  People don't bow at your feet with your 4+ KD and .5 Win rate.  As long as you are trying to win and not trying to be a "tryhard?" making montage videos.


    And if your still going to pride yourself off a video game, or put others down, or just even take any importance of it, than you have serious problems and just need to get a life.


    ^^^This was suppose to be the most epic FPS ever.  People spent their summer savings to buy this game, instead of getting something more useful to build some character.  Let's be honest anyone who bought this game at launch, hasn't taken the game out of their system yet, and plays more than 10+ hours a week do have serious problems and do need to get a life.

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    OP has a good point. People do take it too seriously. I myself am only having fun when im winning, or at least doing well.

    I'm often called a tryhard by people who only just joined the lobby, because my k/d is 2.38 (free-for-all). whilst people say k/d means nothing, notyhing could be further from the truth. you can get a very good idea of the type of player by the k/d, and i know when i see someone with a 1.5+ k/d, im in for a good game. i personally do have a life, i work very hard in fact. but just because i get angry when i die, doesnt mean im a 'tryhard scrub' or a 'no lifer' im just naturally good at a computer game, just like a lot of other people. insults are not needed and are pretty pathetic for the most part.

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      Actually, I really think he isn't going anywhere with this post. He's referring to some of the players.

      I get online and have fun with my usual guns, when I start to use guns that are horrible, it's hard to even enjoy the experience.

      My K/D is .70 because I could care less about it and I try to have fun.

      It's incredibly annoying when I can't find a person in Ground War because the enemy team camps in the spawn or people decide to lay down near a doorway and spray when people walk through.

      These are just some examples, but not everyone can enjoy the crap that Call of Duty is slowly turning into.

      I am excited for Black Ops 2 and hope I can play that game without feeling the urge to play Minecraft to enjoy myself.

      I payed almost 100 USD for the game, and I only wish I could "have fun" all the time.

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    The same can be said for any competitive pastime, what about football, boxing or the olympics, people *****, moan and fight over it 24/7 and they're "just games" are they not? They're all taken seriously because your pitting people Vs people. If this was a player Vs CPU game I don't think you'd see nearly as much rage. Competitivness always creates rage.

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    You cant enjoy a game that does not give a fair chance of success, if the opposing team is 0.5 secs ahead of me then I dont have a chance

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    I mean, I sort of agree with you, but then again I am very competitive.  I hate losing a game of checkers or Monopoly.  In my case, and people who are super competitive like me, I do agree that is what causes me to rage and hate the game sometimes. 


    Since I started getting MOABs I hate this game more than ever, bc once you start getting MOABs on the regular, you start failing MOABs on the regular.  I had one day where I died on 20-23 gunstreaks 5 times in like 2 hours, my game case ended up destroyed.


    I agree it's just a game and I guess people shouldn't take it too serious, but usually people want to "win" at games, and in this game it sometimes feel like you have no control over it. 

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      It's just a video game. If you rage over a video game, that's pathetic. Take a good look at yourself. Is that who you want to be? If you care about competition in this game, than there is a good chance that you are an idiot. I'm not saying you are, I'm just speaking for all.

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        you make a good point but you're missing the must crucial factor. Competative gaming is only enjoyable if the chances of victory are fair and solely down to individual skill.


        when stuff like lag comp kicks in this makes the game very unfair and this is what causes some ppl to rage.


        Imagine playing black jack and the opposing player could see the unturned cards but you could not, and you knew he had this advantage but could do nothing about it. 


        Thats how it is with COD, if you get killed fair and square then it does not cause anger, when u shoot a guy in the back 4 times and he turns around, figures out where u are and kills you...how can anybody not get angry or slightly mad at that.


        It is the games's flaws that cause the anger, not the player, if it was completly fair then the individual would have nobody to blame but themselves.


        Lag is the main cause of rage in this game yet the devs completly ignore this and have NOTHING to address it

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          Yeah but if you rage, then you have issues. That's fact. I couldn't care less if someone cheated at a board game. I'd be a little annoyed, but not raging. If you rage at a VIDEO GAME, you need some serious help.

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            See that's your opinion and that's where your wrong.

            Of course it's not right to rage at a game. But it doesn't exactly mean you need help.

            People get angry when they are caught up in the moment. This happens all the time in real life, everyone gets angry over the small things in life and that doesn't mean they need serious help.


            I honestly will be on a high killstreak just to lag backwards into a new room and get knifed and die...I get mad for maybe 2 minutes and then I'm over it.

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              yes, this.  It's not like it ruins my day or depresses me.  I get mad in the moment, and then move on to the next game.  I understand it's a game believe me, I'm a grown man who works in a 9-5 job in finance..it's a hobby...if I had a choice to do really well in my career or really well at COD, of course I'd pick my career.


              some people are just competitive and want to do well at WHATEVER they do, game or otherwise.  Many if not all the great athletes all say the same thing....I'm super competitive, I hate to lose at ANYTHING, I won't let my kid beat me in a game of basketball...it's that competitive spirit that helps them do well at their sport.


              Maybe they shouldn't get mad when they lose since it's "just a game".  even if they're making millions, when they were kids they played for fun and I'm sure still got mad at losing.  Basketball, COD, both just games.


              Maybe we shouldn't complain about any issues or problems as game has, since it's just a game.  Maybe if it's "just a game" we shouldn't be wasting our times on forums talking about it.  I don't like the "just a game" phrase that people throw around so much. 

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    I believe that stats should be thrown out of the window.  Period.  Maybe then people would have more fun.