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Starting a Casual Clan for PS3 (IamMe)

Okay, I'm just looking for a few gamers who are looking for a good party to play with, but nothing serious.

All I ask. Is that you have a mic, and are decent.

Does not matter what type of gun you use, just be a decent player with that gun.


If you're interested. Add me on PSN and I'll invite you to the party, we'll play a few games of Dom and SnD, too see how you do.

If I think you're good enough, I'll ask that you make a new account.

The name will be (Im_____) capitilize the first letter of every word in your name.

You don't have to be on a lot, just when we are all on I ask that we stay as a party.

My PSN is: "ImLijah"

add me if you're interested! (: