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Leaderboards not updating when barracks is?????

MW3 leaderboards not showing at all for 3 weeks now? anyone else having the same problem.  I have contacted Activision 3 times now and they assured me that this was not common and they will pass to the game developers to fix issue??

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    I think the only thing to do is to keep contacting support about it and they might do something some day:/


    I don't use the leaderboards much tho.

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      I miss using the leaderboards as a tool. I usually compare someone's time in play to their rank to see if they are a booster. I can usually hold my own from a skill level, but sometimes you get those that are calling killstreaks too fast/too often, or shooting before they could possibly see you, etc. It was nice to have. There are people that beat me fairly, but if i'm getting absolutely owned, something is probably hinky.

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        Same here.  It's a great way to spot hackers before the match starts.  If someone has a kdr above 3, and there score or playtime is low, then they are hacking.  Never fails. (yes it's possible someone is that good, but I have yet to see it)  I actually get suspicious if someone had a kdr above 2.  I've only played a handful of people with a kdr above 2 that were not using redbox.  And please no one make excuses or whatever about how they may be legit. It's obvious when someone is using redbox and infinite uav. 


        The worst part is people not showing up at all on the lobby leaderboard.  Then you can't tell how they are playing before the match starts.  That really sucks.

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      By now, you should now support has been dropped and this game is not going to get updated.


      Hopefully everything will change with Bo2 on the wii u.

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        Padiego you are showing signs of melancholic depression:P


        I won't argue about it, but here's a point of view for u:


        I have a company and am supporting for games I developed in past years. Now I'm struggling to squeeze as much money as possible from little kids (well, their parents) by developing a new game. Am I to use all my resources and manpower to develop a great game or support old ones and thus provide no financial security for my company?

        Hence the "some day" part of my post. If we ask enough at least they will know we're still here.