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  • 50. Re: ACRs and MP7s are Everywhere

    SmoothBlue wrote:


    Hey i'm kinda new to COD, MW3 being my first cod game.  Most of my gaming roots have come from halo and battlefield, so i decided i'd try to see what cod has to offer.  I've already prestiged and i've mostly been using the M16,P90 and MSR.  The only complaint i really have is everygame i play theres usually at least two people using ACRs or MP7s.  This is fine but for a game with many customizable options it's sad to only see these two guns everywhere.  I've gone onto youtube as well and most commentaters have used the guns for the majorty of there videos.  Do these guns need a nerf?  There not really OP but there so overused

    why in the same breath would you ask if these guns need a nerf and then proceed to say that they are not op just overused...

  • 51. Re: ACRs and MP7s are Everywhere

    LOL I never said they beat me, you got the wrong person friend. I win 85 percent of the time i play it doesn't matter if they use acr or not. IM GOING TO WIN. BTW Just becuase you've played many hours does not mean you are not a noob, I've seen noobs who have 20 days played and they get a real nice spanking with those 20 prestiges.

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