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Next Infinity Ward Game Idea's

this is the offical next IW game idea thread, share all your game idea's now! Infinity ward will be making a CoD game sooner or later so we better get cooking on idea's!!!! please share all idea's on this thread.


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    I suspect that, with all the discontent surrounding Modern Warfare 3 that another Modern Warfare would be the end of Infinity Ward. I heard rumours about IW buying domains similar to futurewarfare.com so suspect that a futuristic IW game may be in the pipeline come the end of 2013.


    Seriously, Modern Warfare is dead, move on Infinity Ward.


    EDIT: IW could release something along the lines of "Modern Warfare: Ultimate" with all the weapons, perks etc from every Modern Warfare, along with redrawn versions of all the maps from those games, for those that don't believe that Modern Warfare is past its sell by date. This would have to be alongside its new post-Modern Warfare game.

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    Call of Duty should return to its WWII roots. I'm suspecting that any other Modern Warfare games will fail after all the discontent with MW3. Treyarch has already moved into future warfare with Black Ops 2. So what else is there to do other than return to the past?

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    Could you imagine a call of duty game set during the revolutionary war? that would be awesome! The only problem would be the lack of guns. " cannonball strike is ready for deployment " hahaha.

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    It would be cool if they made a pre-apocolipitic or post-apocoliptic game, where you were a rebel group fighting a war against the US Army and the Russian army.  I would buy that game

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    whatever they decide to do, they should wait a few years instead of just one for the next evolution of COD, that way we can hopefully get a finished product instead of what we got with MW3, also maybe more people will of forgot what a shambolic mess MW3 was if we wait a few years.

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    Whatever they do, it should be as far from Black ops, and as close to MW2 as possible. I enjoy fast paced games. MW3 without the deathsreaks and some of the not so good maps it would have been the best cod yet.

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    I have to agree with danielbondnz. IW next game should be as far from Black Ops 2 and closer to MW2. Im sure that everyone can agree that MW2 was by far IW best game out of the MW series. It was a huge difference from MW1. However MW3 was a big disappointment to me. It seemed like a big dlc for mw2 since I really didnt see too much of a difference. In fact I still favor MW2 more becuase the maps were even better then MW3 maps (my opinion). I think IW rushed MW3 and they really should have took the time to make it a lot different from MW2. However I dont blame them becuase when MW2 came out it had probably the best FPS and it would be hard to make something better. What ever IW makes for their next game I think they should stop focusing on their MW series and actually work on better arcade mode type games. Everyone knows spec ops has nothing compared to Treyarch's zombies mode. In fact im pretty sure half the black ops community play for zombies and the other multiplayer. So maybe IW can work on what people said above which was to go back to WW2 style game (which I find boring no offense) or continue their series of Modern Warfare but work more on the arcade mode games.

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    i think it should have alot of vehicles in multiplayer and a robot survival mode where you can take weapons and and parts of the robots to upgrade yourself.you can also use war vehicles to fight the robots.

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    I think it would be pretty cool if they did a WWI theme. I know alot of people hate that kind of setting, but it could be pretty cool having hand-to-hand combat in the trenches of France and stuff. Just a thought.

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    I've heard in a few places that 2013's CoD will be Sledgehammer, and IW will release their next game in 2014. 


    I hope they continue with the MW story, but do so by filling in all the gaps from the games they already made. 

    - Show why Zakhaev hates the west so much in the 90s.

    - Show how Zakhaev and Al Asad connect in the 2000s.

    - Show how the nuke going off affects Shepherd.

    - Show how Makarov takes over after Zakhaev is killed.

    - Show Operation Kingfish (Price, Soap, Ghost, Sandman).

    - Show how Allen get into Makarov's group (Shepherd, "You don't know what it's cost to put you beside him").


    And I'm sure there's plenty more.

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    can you add laser on mw3`? ask it on treyarch it would be soo greatt

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    I beleive that Infinity Ward mustn't continue the Modern Warfare story. My opinion is that they can make a game based on the season between Modern Warfare 1 and Modern Warfare 2. Furthermore, I beleive that they can begin a new story.My opinion for the story is that it can be in the present or in the near future. In the story they can travel as to a new war with unforgetable battles and legendery characters like Ghost and Soap.Infinity Ward made wounderful games and they can still do it. In their new game I believe that they must make it more protected. When i say protected I mean to prevent the hacks.


    Sorry for the grammar an vogabulary.

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    Treyarchs games are fake but fun and Infinity Ward/sledgehammer games are realistic and modern like today which is why its called Modern Warfare. I prefer Infinity Ward then Treyarch as Infinity Ward has much better multiplayer but Treyarch just has zombies which is just a game mode and we have survival which is just as good.