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Why do people hate Terminal???


I've been seeing a hand full of cry threads on here about people wanting the map removed or disabled. Why? This map is a classic. To the people who don't cry over stupid sh!t like this, what are your thoughts on it?

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    It took me a couple of days but I've gotten used to it.  It think that the problem is that it comes up in the rotation soooo much that some people would like to play something different as well.  It'll all die down in a week or two.  Personally, I'd like to get some more time on the new Elite maps but I've been doing Clan Challenges the last couple of nights and since they have been gametype specific, I've had to stick with the normal playlists.

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    these are most likely the people who get spawn trapped at the A domination flag,wich is pretty hard to get out off.I think this map is alright, just the easy spawn traps and loads of people rage quitting troughout the game is anoying

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      I found that even if you are trapped at A, by either sniping or using a long range AR at the 'fast food stand' or whatever it's suppose to be, you really take down the competition. With a little back up, you have a good chance at getting C. Also, setting up shop in the 'book store' can also help you take out people chilling in the camp building. I guess like all team based games, you need good communication. I think the map is great.

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    Like people say, give it a few days and it will die down. I decided to make the most of it. That saying about "when life hands you lemons" and all that. I spent a couple hours play hardcore and sniping on it. I never snipe but I got my RSASS up by 21 levels.

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    Because it's the shittiest map in MW3? If you get A spawn, you're guaranteed to get spawn trapped, and everyone camps up top and in the plane.

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    I've done ok with it.  Not my favorite, but they need to lessen it in rotation.  Every time we get into the lobby, it's Terminal and some other map.  Everyone votes for the other map, play have fun, come back to lobby and it's Terminal and some other map again...


    I've never seen a map come up in rotation as much as Terminal.

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    I like the map and have yet to get trapped at A.  I have been stuck in the A area so to speak but had a fighting chance to get out and have fought my way out plenty of times.  Mission is much worse for spawn trapping and so is Hardhat and Dome, carbon, etc....  Hell I have Capped B and my teammates cap A and the other team is stuck at C (on Dome).  Ill even run into their spawn to shake things up since it gets boring..  Im not sure why anyone thinks Terminal is any different then those when it comes to spawn trapping.


    The map has a good flow to it IMO and aside from the "hiding campers" that dont go near flags its not bad.  I just avoid the windows where they can get me from the  plane and run around. 


    I do agree its coming up too often in the rotation but its better then a lot of the maps so meh.

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    I personally love the map.  But, this morning I played it 3 times in a row!  Note, I nevery change lobbies.  The first time, everyone voted for it.  The 2nd time, the majority voted for it AGAIN.  The 3rd time, it didn't even let us vote... we just went into the map.


    Terminal is a great map.  It's just in the rotation way too often.

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    I love the map! Reminds me of MW2 and it makes me happy every time it pops up!

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    If you're running with a full party terminal becomes the best map ever. It's easy to spawn trap the other team even if they are good players. If you happen to get the A spawn, just run away from it and go to B and C. I have yet to get spawn trapped at A. That map is easy to get 4+ KD games. The people that complain either like close range weapons or don't understand the spawn system.

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    Because people complain about everything in the COD series. There is always some aspect of each game that they don't like. I have things I don't care for but accept the games for what they are and try to have as much fun as possible. There are maps I dislike usually smaller maps that get voted in a lot but that is just because I get burned on playing them all the time and wish I could get more trigger time on the less popular maps. No matter what it is someone will be complaining that is just the nature of these forums.

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    Because they can't stand on either end of the map or on top of the building and OMA noobtube the other while bringing their kd up aand getting a nuke.

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    For multiple reasons.


    One, it appears in the map rotation SO OFTEN. Come on, give me a good map like Mission or Hardhat!


    Two, if you own A, chances are, you are getting owned. Spawn trapping was a massive issue on this map in MW2, and it is a massive issue on this map in MW3. Worst of all is once you are trapped, it is nearly impossible to break free of the trap.


    Three, EVEN INFINITY WARD KNOWS THAT THIS MAP IS CAMPER HEAVEN. On that stupid roof top near C, in that GOD FORSAKEN AIR PLANE. This map has zero flow, one team gets dug in at their camping spots, and the other team struggles to kill them.


    This map sucks, why it was brought back is beyond me.

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    Main reason is that it is the biggest campfest in the entire game, easily, by far, it's not even close. It was a great map in MW2 even with the tubes, but now people just camp on their respective side the ENTIRE game with snipers on a close range map. You can't go three feet w/o getting sniped and it's just not a fun map to play anymore because you have a bunch of hiding sissies.


    What I hate most about this map is that I have to camp to even possibly reach a positive K/d for the game in TDM and that's not anywhere near my playstyle, however I've found if two guys sit in the bookstore and drop a claymore or bouncing betty on both ends wiht scavenger equipped you can basically sit there the entire match. The snipers won't bother you if you hide well enough and runners are cannon fodder. I think my buddy and I both finished a game off the other night on 10+ kill streaks just camping in the book store. I hate camping but that's the only way to even play Terminal and that is just sad.

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    i agree it comes up too often. i got sick of Dome.. now Terminal is next. LOL. sucks 'cause i LOVE that map!

    on the bright side, i haven't played in over a month.. i come back.. download some new, FREE maps, and the connection seems fixed? all my games seemed to be running very fair. i died quite a bit (due to the way i play.. oops; rusher) but it was fair.

    however... the dude that was giving up 70 deaths to the other team on KC and scoring 10k points was very annoying. yay tactical insertion.


    overall, i'm happy with the new maps, etc. still not buying BO2.

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    I did not play MW2 before (MW3 is my first CoD) so when Terminal has been released I was excited to discover this famous map everybody was talking about .. and now I am very disappointed : I play TDM and everybody is always camping either in the plane cockpit or in the roof or behind counters. And it appears so often in map rotation (I guess IW is proud to have released this map, for once they have listened the community and it seems they want everybody to be aware of that) ...I don't understand why everybody is always voting for it, rather I don't understand why everybody seems to like it so much  (if they vote for it they must like it)

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    mike chimp

    because it`s just like mw2 is nowadays full of campers,quickscopers,shotgunners and spawn trappers who have no interest in the objectives

    plus even though no one votes for it it pops up every 3 games horrid map

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    im not a fan of the map, i learned how to play it better, but its so hard to see anything, since everyone is  head glitching..


    Ill be getting shot and im saying, where am i getting shot from?!.. ill die, watch the kill cam, Yep head glitching camper wuss.. I normally get the revenge kill, but, ive gotten better to locate these spots so, i can do fairly well in the map... still hate it

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    I am so sick of this map.  I haven't played in almost a week because I was tired of it and today I log on and it's in the rotation every other game.  I used to love this game but now it SUCKS!!!  By the way, since Terminal was released, I haven't played on Carbon or Bootleg AT ALL!!!  PLEASE do something about this!!   I'm almost ready to throw this game away!!

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    Some are black ops nO_oBs, some were beaten to hell on MW2.