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NEW PS3 clan, Check us out

XtremeVisionGaming -



*You don't have to be great to get started, just get started to be great.*


We are a small group of friends and have been busy putting together our clan website ready

for your arrival.

We see a champion future for XtremeVisionGaming and would love for you to be a part of it.


Being a fresh clan there is a great chance you could become something other than just a member,

become a mentor, a headhunter or evaluate the noobs ?

You wont only be joining a clan, you'll be joing part of a team and a fun, friendly community.


- We would prefer members to be 16+, reason being over maturity.

(Sometimes there are acceptions so if you think you're a mature soldier, go ahead and apply)

- Members are required to be active within the forums of our clan website.

(It's a great way of arranging events and getting to know each other)



Click Here To Apply

Look forward to seeing you in game.

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