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Most Kills > Highest KD/R?

What do you all think: is being the player on your team (or overall) with the most kills greater than being the player on your team with the best KD/R?


Typically, I see the following scenario play out over and over again (for example). One player thinks he is awesome because he gets the most kills (say, 35) in a TDM. However, he also ends up with 30 deaths. Then I see someone who goes 16-4 or 12-2.


Ultimately, who do you feel is better for your team?

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    That's a question a few lads in my party were discussing last night.  Well, that and KDR in general.


    Obviously the guy going 35-30 (or whatever) is getting more kills, but he's also giving the enemy a decent amount of kills which could lead to constant Pred Missiles etc raining down. 


    If I was playing Dom or HQ I'd far rather someone went 35-30 whilst playing the objective.  Instead of my standard teammate who thinks its cool to go 9-1 earn himself 450points from a 10minute game!


    If it was TDM, its different I suppose...  You need the points, but don't want to be feeding them points.  Still think I'd rather have the 35-30 player.


    Our general view was that the KDR stat is very misleading anyway.  It encourages people who might not otherwise be a 2KD player to camp their way to it by sitting in a corner every game averaging 8 kills a game. 


    I'm far more impressed when I look at the leaderboards and see that someone averages 25+ kills a game with a 1.5KD, than someone who has a 2.5+KD who averages less than 10 kills a game.  Obviously if someone's an SnD or FFA player their kills per game might be less than that of a DOM/TDM/KC player.


    I'd be happy if they got rid of KDR completely and just had:

    + Kills Per Game

    + Score Per Minute

    + Objectives where appropriate.





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    when you die you adding to someone kill streak,the more deaths you have you are hurting your team.

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    For tdm, kill confirmed or any of the modes where all you do is kill the person and such, kdr is probably a bigger factor because the person going 12-2 has a +10 kill to death, while the 35-30 person only has a +5.  Yes, the person going 35-30 might be playing aggressive, but the 12-2 person is probably the bigger help in this case.  Unless of course the 35-30 guy is like looting tags or getting the flag in team defender, I'd take the 12-2 guy.  If it is an objective mode though and the 35-30 guy is playing the objective, I'd want him for sure.  And also at the one guy above, wii doesn't have pred missles (legitly).

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    If the gamemode is kill oriented (TDM, KC, etc.), then K/D is more important as you want to get the most amount of kills for yourself while dying as few times as possible in order to give your team a lead. For objective based modes, neither of them matter.

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    I think we're mostly in agreement, then: we want the more aggressive player for objective-based game modes, and the more strategic* player for kills-only game modes.


    *Note: Strategic =/= Camper

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    I agree with everyone's assessment but I would like to add one thing. It IS possible to have the best k/d and the most points. This has happend to me many times in Domination. It just means you were able to defend yourself while capturing the point effectively. It's not all 'black and white'. There is a gray zone that people seem to forget about which is what you want in objective based games. The best k/d and the most points captured. You can have both. Just wanted to bring that into the discussion.

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      I like the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you get the Most Kills, Highest KD, and usually there's a third one that's basically a combo of the previous two accolades.  Nothing like knowing that you just served up a can of whoop butt to the enemy team and there was nothing that they could do about it.

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        Exactly! I just wanted the other posters to remember that it's all relative. They almost seem defensive about the k/d thing. It only matters if YOU care. I personally use it to see how I am doing, if I am in a slump or on a high. That's all. It also depends on the weapon. A sniper will most likely have a high k/d (unless your an uber quickzzz skopzzzzer) or at least they should. I think people worry about things in this game that for all intensive purposes, don't matter.

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        Nothing like looking at your match accolades and seeing that they're all green ones (highest K/D, most kills, most headshots, longest killstreak, etc.)

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    Number of kills don't mean jack. If you have a lot of kills in TDM but your KD isn't good then it doesn't really matter. Even in objective gamemodes it doesn't matter. If you don't have a high KD you should be capping the flags and not killwhoring. Someone that is 20-2 is atleast getting killstreaks to help their team out instead of someone that is 35-30. I just hope the guy going 35-30 is playing the objective.


    Which most the time I see someone with a high KD they usually have the most kills. I rarely see anyone going 12-2 at the end of a game when someone else is 30-25. I mean if you barely have any kills you must be playing very defensives which isn't going to get many kills. I average 33 kills per game (before I prestieged) and still have a 7.56 KD.

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    I play solo most of the time, I'm a loner, I care a lil about my team, so for me K/D ratio comes first. And most of the time, since I'm aggressive, I get most of the kills...but I'm fine if don't. I only get mad if my K/D gets below my average.


    For objective type maps, I stay behing and snipe or LMG, so I still get a nice K/D ratio and also help the team without even want it. If my teams sucks I pack my SMG and run and gun.

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    I don't care about KD at all because, its not worth caring for. KD does not reflect anything (especially with the hackers), go into a game with that person and you will find out.


    Also I don't try anymore. I just snipe for fun, shotgun for fun and throw fake care packages down.

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    In kill based gamemodes, K/D is always better then more kills.  Your deaths are adding to the enemies score.  But you have to make sure you are pulling the weight of you less competent teamates too.  EG:


    You go 21-9.  Pretty good score right?  But our teamates go 2-8, 3-6, 4-4 and 1-5.  All of your scores combined is 31-32.  Say the score limit wasn't reached but time ran out, your team still lost, since you have more deaths than kills, the other team HAD to have more kills than deaths total.  You were doing a good job being a team player and getting a good K/D, but with a lousy team, you have to pull the weight of your teamates to be successful( when running solo).


    In objective gamemodes, K/D doesn't matter, but you don't want it low.  If you feed enemies killstreaks, they can more easily defend the objectives (with ims, sentry guns, airstrikes, etc) and ultimately making it harder to win the objectives.  What I like to do in domination is capture the 2 desired flags, and lay back to let my killstreaks do some work.  But until we have the 2 desired flags, I will not killwhore.  Also, I try to defend the objectives while killwhoring.


    TL;DR  K/D is more important in kill games while pulling weight of bad teamates.  Objective gamemode K/D doesn't matter but don't feed enemy killstreaks.