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Rip Off

Guys look I know for some of us, it's a rip off. For others not. I agree we should do a petition for nuketown zombies. Now yes buying the hardened edition is like 30 bucks more. And yes trey arch should of released all of the bonuses and not one by one. I think people who preordered the normal version should get nuketown zombies. Like making it the fourth wave of the bonus waves. Online doesn't give you refunds or let you upgrade to hardened. Unless u pre ordered it on amazon. If I really need to pay 30 more bucks just to get 1 map then I'm canceling my black ops 2 order and get a better games with better deals. C'mon trey arch your losing people here. I thought u liked the community.

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    I didn't really have any problem with the Hardened version. It's only 20 bucks extra and you get a lot more for your money instead of just 1 extra map. I called the Gamestop i preordered from and asked if i can change my order for when the Hardened version becomes available and they said yes and even said I'll get a phone call when it is available for preorder

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    I was already able to preorder lol

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    from the Gamestop site or store? cause i was talking about the store

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    Ok I know you get a couple more stuff but if you get nuketown 2025 multiplayer map then you should also get the zombie version of it. It's simple logic.

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    And it wouldn't be fair if somebody had a zombie map that u didn't have just because u didn't get the hardened edition. Oh and trey arch. Ycant ps3 dlc come out in the same time as when Xbox dlc comes out really y. It isn't fair that Xbox people get new maps before ps3 people just sayin.

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    If you didn't pre-order through Activision, then call the support service and see if there is an upgrade option.  As for me, I wouldn't pre-order until a month before release because it's not like they will run out of pre-orders.  If they do, I can always go to another store.


    This would avoid the confusion.  Also, I am waiting for a Zombie gameplay vid to see if it's worth it.  As I have stated repeatedly, Moon didn't give hope for the future.

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    Ur right. Actually I'm going to call Walmart tomorrow and see if I can cancel the order and order the hardened edition in GameStop cause Walmart doesn't have the hardened edition avalaible. And I pre ordered it early cause I didn't know that nuketown 2025 mp map was a permanent bonus so yeah.

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    I have both ps3 and 360, but i actually am getting it on ps3 since i had BO1 on xbox.


    the main reason why xbox gets the dlc first is because I think for the CoD franchise Microsoft paid and reserved the dlc for it so they get it sooner. I know there's a few games like that where Microsoft reserves them so they get them sooner

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    Moon was a lot fo fun. I dont see why you didnt like it. I know everybody has their preference and there is nothing wrong with that. Moon was a fresh and fun way to play zombies. The only thing I hated was that damn Escavator never wanting to go off to do the easter egg. Moon was fun though.

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