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Something Wrong About the Assumptions of "OP" Guns

Well, really, this only applies to the ACR and the MP7, but let's get going anyway.

Why are these weapons so frowned upon by the community?

I mean, the only thing wrong with them are the recoil patterns and the precision they provide the users. But neither the ACR or MP7 are outstanding in any other category.

The ACR is the third slowest firing fully automatic AR in the game, and the iron sights aren't the most fascinating. It also doesn't exactly have the range that the M16, MK14, or the AK47 boast, so its damage from that impressive 45 initial damage drops pretty steeply. The main draw of the ACR is really, just the low recoil. It still bounces in random directions, but it's very managable nonetheless.
On the other hand, the MP7 has the lowest initial damage of all the SMGs, tied with the PM-9, and its range is terrible, but less steep than the P90 and PP90M1. It has a slightly bigger mag than usual, but it's not the biggest. The reload time isn't all that fast, either. Rate of fire is decent, but still slower than the PM-9 and PP90M1, and of course, it won't matter against a good shotgun user. It also would make for a terrible long-range option if it wasn't for its extremely low recoil. It's so low, it doesn't even bonuce in random directions, but rather rises up very slowly, and that can be compensated for easily.

But... that's it about these weapons. I don't see anything that stands out other than the recoil. Even then, it's all about the player's accuracy.
Because with a weapon that doesn't kick as much, a terrible player would find themselves unable to use these weapons effectively, finding their ideal weapon elsewhere. This is because these weapons are precise, but depending on the circumstances and the skill of the player, it can be made totally inaccurate. You can give a really bad player a PM-9 and an MP7 and tell him to shoot at multiple targets, only to find that he did better with the PM-9 because he was such a poor shot that the kick of the PM-9 helped him hit more targets, while with the MP7, he mostly shot inbetween the targets, but the spots where he placed a group of shots are unusually close together. You could probably do the same with a CM901 and an ACR to find similar results as well.

What I'm trying to say is, they're really only considered "OP" in the hands of good players. Sometimes I see people with MP7s and ACRs doing terribly while I'm using something like the UMP45 or the AK47. In fact, I found my KDR rising as I was using weapons with slightly more recoil, because I know my aim is inconsistent, so much so that I occasionally miss my shots entirely with the ACR and the MP7. Until now, they've been my favourite weapons to use and the ones I've gotten the most kills with. But I often find myself using different weapons and doing even better with those. Nowadays, they're only backup weapons, and probably weapons I shouldn't have used my Prestige Tokens on. But what can you do when you like so many weapons and can only bring a few of them along with you when you Prestige?
And yes, some may argue that my example is overexaggerated and that everyone has decent accuracy, that being augmented by the precision these two weapons give you. But that's the only reason they're used more. They're easier to use.

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    I only read the first sentence. Get over it and start making threads about the lag and match making. Besides, who cares what you get killed by, it's a shooter game.

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    You make some very vaild points about both guns. There is really no such thing as an OP gun in the game and never was. Just people like to complain about the gun that kills them the most and call it unfair, when really all it means is they need to adapt their playing style and learn to be more aware of the map and their team and enemy positions instead of thinking the developers need to adjust the guns to cater to how they want to play instead.


    The person that replied was being sarcasitc at best, for threads about OP weapons have been on these forums before too. Probably was afraid you were complaining about the weapon and wanting it nerfed and they do not want that since is probably their favorite go to weapons.

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    TSD & the OP are dead on. What makes guns like these seem OP is when they are placed into the hands of capable players - players that can control a CM901 just fine but opt to show their l337ness by using guns with little recoil.


    In any case, I play for the game challenges. That means I'm going to use "noob" or OP weapons at some point and I'm going to use them a lot. It isn't because I'm trying to show off, it is because I need to score a certain number of kills with a gun in order to complete all the challenges for that gun. To make assumptions that someone is a noob because they are using a "noob" gun doesn't really reflect an open mind.

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    this is why in the professional military there is a thing called the z pattern that applies to full auto fire. It greatly increase the chaces that you will hit the target due to your error as well as target movement laterally and vertically... I learned this extensively in gunnery training and apply it to this game. works great. If Im not in a position to take time to aim steadily I simply do a little wigglly z over center mass... drops them near every time.

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    A lot of people say that "OP" is just in someone's head, but I definitely have to disagree. As someone who rarely uses guns deemed OP (I have less kills with the MP7 than I do my USP. 45 for instance), I can safely say that on the instances I have used it, I have seen a significant increase in my performance.


    A good example is the Type-95. I avoided using that gun for a really long time. At least through 8 or 9 prestiges. This prestige I decided I would equip it and see what happens. My performance on average probably had me Doubling my K/D easy. If I could make a line graph showing my performance before using it and then after, the differences would be quite noticeable.


    I know a lot of people don't want to believe it, but there are those weapons in each title that simply boost your performance beyond that of other weapons. I consider myself a decent player (about 1.5 Average K/D according to my profile stats), but when I pick up or equip the "OP Weapons", there's an undeniable improvement in performance.