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About MW3 Cheaters please read..

About MW3 - Call of Duty Cheaters

About MW3 - Call of Duty Cheaters





so first of all.... MW3 is a Cheater Game this is true.

You can not play 1 round without Cheaters. NOT 1 ROUND!


Yeah.. ok let`s start, i hope you respect my

Freedom of speech


So i bought this Game for smoething like 50€, this is a lot of Money for me.

This Game looks good, good ideas, good stuff..

But why the fu.. people have not the option to kick cheaters by the voting system like in Dedicated server of MW3 why?


On Dedicated server (server hosted by peoples) you have this option in any server and you can play there.. because

people can kick the cheater and they do. why not this function at all puplic online server?

If you close this function to Kick peoples, then you open a big door for cheaters..


I buy a Game to have fun, but then i see it is not working it is a Damaged Game, people have GodMode no one

can kill them, they have Aimbots, Wallhacks etc.. on all Server in your Game. If you play 100 Rounds/Server

then maybe if you have luck then you can get 1 server without cheater, so it is realy 99 of 100 Sever are with Hackers.


People are Reporting Cheaters with "Cinema Saved Video", reported by many people and you can see this hacker is

still cheating after 2 weeks nothing happens.


This realy feels like that YOU SUPPORT THE CHEATER, dunno why maybe that people think ok this is full cheater so i'll buy the

new version of CoD.. but yeah do you realy think this will be changed in the Next Cod, this will not take much time i think to cheat there but this is not the point.. MW3 is the point.


I dont know what people.. are working in your company to hold back the cheaters.

There are so many ways to hold them back like string filters like antivirus software do, but just using cheater strings wich are used by

the hacking tools, running process filters etc...

So please do something, KickVote system in patch update, that people can kick/ban hackers like on dedicated server etc..

If you guys need help, then pay me and i'll help you..

I post this because i like this game, but now it is unpayable on public servers.



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    The true is that they dont care anymore about the PC players.


    I ask myself why there is still no competitive game for COD because thats the problem. I think that the game industry is slipping right now. If they make a similar game like cod but with some better solutions and options then can earn a lot of money.


    And more competition means lower prices, better service, more options, less hackers and a better game.

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      I have to agree,


      I just quit to a aimbotter. I played 4 hours and I I had at least 5 wallhackers, and 1 map hacker and 1 aimbotter. This is pathetic. I would not go as far to say every game has a cheater, it is at leasy 1 of the 5 games has a cheater.

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    way too many cheaters in this game, wish i never bought the game

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    Buy dlcs there are no hackers at all 1/100 hack with dlc on because they cracked the game/enough dumb to buy dlcs to ruin other peoples game.

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    Ciao sono Italiano e ho lo stesso problema....ci sono troppi cheaters....cioè' spendiamo soldi inutili per non poter giocare???? non è possibile...!!!! io vi invio segnalazioni continue su steam ma becco sempre gli stessi a cittare!!!! DATEVI UNA MOSSA ALTRIMENTI BLACK OPS 2 NON LO COMPRO!!!!! IO HO TUTTA LA COLLEZIONE PER PC IN ORIGINALE CD/DVD....UN CLIENTE PERSO!!!! SPENDETE MILIONI DI DOLLARI PER FARE UN GIOCO COSI' E POI 4 HACHER IDIOTI VI FANNO PERDERE ALTRETTANTI DOLLARI FACENDOVI PERDERE CLIENTI COME ME !!!!! VERGOGNATEVI !!! SOLDI SPESI MALISSIMO !!!! O RISOLVETE OPPURE FANCULO CALL OF DUTY !

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    I know that this post is old (and for PC), but I COMPLETELY agree with it.  Jedi Knight II for the original Xbox was my first experience with Xbox LIVE, and I remember that even waaaay back then there was a vote system (hold "X" or something) to kick people out of games when they were being an A$$hat.  Even if the vote had to be unanimous rather than just majority to proceed, it would be a hundred times better than the current experience on Xbox 360 *or* PC.  I have NO idea why this is not implemented.  Even if some clan took up every spot but one in a Lobby so they could boot who they wanted, you still have the normal cheating detection to catch this!  And I gurantee that not only would this example happen a LOT less often than the individual cheating that is currently rampant, it would reduce ALL cheating so much that Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games, etc would need to spend a lot less time tracking down, verifying, and punishing gamers.  Legitimate gamers HATE cheaters; just give us the tools to kick them from our games; this will ruin their fun and take care of the vast majority of the problem...

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    It's not just pc anymore. I play on ps3 and more and more glitchers and hackers are showing up. All or nothing is the only thing I play but now people glitch there custom classes into the game so they have acr's. So now I have no reason to play the game.