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Gathering a team for Zombies Easter eggs


This Saturday at about 2PM EST, I am planning on gathering a group of four to tackle two specific Easter Eggs in Zombies:


Eclipse on Shangri-la

Richtofen's Grand Scheme on Moon


If the team needs Original Characters Trapped from Call of the Dead, this will also be done, but the priority is the two above.




Shangri-La and Moon maps


Plenty of time. These may not be done on the first shot, so set some time aside for multiple games

A cooperative attitude. Trolls and the like need not apply. This is for those who want to complete the Easter Eggs, not annoy other players.



If you want to contact me, my GT is Seth 086.

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    Me and my friends finished the Shangri-La and Moon Eastern Eggs about the same time, a month after they came out right before the next map came out discluding moon.  I have to say it really is awesome but the frustration and dedication of my fellow players caused me to give up untill i found friends who would try and not give up.  Overall if you won't get distracted, frustrated, or bored, you will have fun with this easter egg.  I would help but i could not tell you when i would even have time to do them.  You can contact me, GT is MANIAC BRUMAK.  If i don't respond for awhile, its because i am either busy with school or my relationship.  But you can hmu anytime and i will add you and help you as much is i can.  My only request is that you don't complain or whine if we mess up.  Good luck and have fun with this great task! lol

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      I know from doing the "Original Characters Trapped" Easter egg that they can be hard and not go as expected. I expected this and didn't let this frustrate me. I know that things may not go as expected and have learned to not whine and complain (Except when someone deliberately sabotages the attempt.), but to set that aside.