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Team TAC is Recruiting!

Tactical Assault Corps. is now recruiting for various levels within the organization. We are a relatively new yet very strong PC based team that began in late 2011 by members that have been playing together for years. We are a team that employs heavy tactics and strategy to destroy our opponents. We are looking for good players to fill various positions, along with graphic designers, moderators and administrators among other positions. Being relatively new we have plenty of room for growth and if you're looking to fill leadership positions we have them available. Get in now to help lead TAC's future today.


We focus most of our time on the CoD series, Modern Warfare 2 and 3. We are preparing for Black Ops 2 and potentially other games, such as Medal of Honor and Far Cry 3 among others. We are a hardcore gaming unit and teamwork is essential to us, thus a mic is absolutely critical. We are a mostly adult team and looking for more mature players to game with. We have an age limit of 18 but it's not always an absolute certainty, it just all depends on the Recruit and their maturity level.


We are looking to integrate more structure into our team and require good levels of activity on the website and throughout all levels of the team. We have both casual and competitive gamers and pride ourselves on being a small knit family unit.


Here's a list of what we have to offer:

  • Knowledgeable staff and active members.
  • Active professional grade website community.
  • TAC gaming servers and upcoming releases' servers.
  • Teamspeak 3 server.
  • Mature, friendly, family casual and highly competitive when called upon.
  • No fees, ever.


Check us out if you're looking to become a dedicated and/or competitive player, squad leader, moderator, administrator, graphic designer, recruiter, etc...



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    Thank you for your interest Peligordanger5, but we are a hardcore PC gaming community.


    For others that may be interested here are some specifics: we're looking for quickscopers, shield specialists, rushers and people with tactical talking skills; we're also looking for moderators and low level administrators.


    Contact us today!