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Looking for a PS3 Clan?

Hi, I am looking for a clan on the PS3. I have a 0.84 kd and rising. I only play domination cuz I hate the other game modes cuz of campers. IMO, dom has the least campers. But playing other game modes is not a problem, if you require. I usually always play the objective and play slayer sometimes. I always try to win the game. My kd might seem low but now usually I get games from 1-2 kd. I can't quickscope so don't ask about that. In fact I hate quickscopers. I do have a headset. And if it matters, I will probably be getting Black Ops II on release date, but no guarentees on that. Lastly, I'm 13. I've never played in a clan before or a party (cuz i dont have much friends that play cod). I just want to try out being in a clan and see how it is and if I get better, so I am making no commitments for staying in your clan. Also, school is starting in a few days, so I don't know if I'll be able to play a lot. (on weekdays i'll probably get an hour or two, on weekends probably more) So, I think I've introcuced myself enough so I'm hoping I can get in a clan.

oh and also i dont have elite premium and dont plan on getting it