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Legion of Honor is Recruiting for the Xbox 360!

A home of former and current Armed Forces.
Men and Women, 18 years or older.

Europe, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand

The Legion of Honor is an online video game community for mature gamers looking to play with like-minded individuals in a strategic and respectful manner.  Our Roman theme and structure help us to adhere to a chain of command similar to that of the military, most of our members are current and former military that play video games for fun while enjoying organized teamwork, emphasizing tactics and communication.

The Legion welcomes gamers of all types: beginners, experienced gamers looking for a solid group of people to play with on a regular basis, and competitive professional gamers as well.  We do not demand any trials or tests upon acceptance of admission but do ask that you form up with some of our experienced citizens in order to familiarize yourself with the Legion and its members.
We are recruiting for Call of Duty gamers on the Xbox 360!  We do require a working headset as communication is essential to working as a team or squad.


XBL Contacts: LoH Diosa, LoH Sphinx, Signal Ghost

We host inter-clan tournaments, community events and game nights. Our forums and online chat area are a great place to meet and interact with other members; our news section and social networks will keep you up to date on Legion of Honor activities and announcements, as well as gaming-related news and events.

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