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Maps need to be more Sniper friendly, make a REAL Sniper's map

I know people are probably going to say "how are mapes not sniper friendly, i get QS'ed all the time" but i dont mean friendly for quickscoping. I mean friendly to a real sniper.

Some maps like Wasteland from MW2. If you want a new one, maybe have it all open ground, with a few Birds' nest's scattered around the map at uneven heights and some underground or covered routes to move from Nest to Nest safely... A REAL map for those who don't like to trickshot. Have this/these maps where it is vital to be patient, but quick to flick you're scope to the side and pull of the first shot as accurately as possible before the others even know where you're perched, at distances where a mere millimetre makes the difference between a kill, and giving away your position.

Please comment if you like this idea, or you have some ideas yourself.