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Can't Stay Connected (Spec-ops)

  I recently decided to play mw3 after having it just sitting here for months. First thing I decided to do is knock out the spec ops missions with a friend. After a couple minute of playing we get a lost connection to other player for 3 seconds message. So thinking it was our connection, we go through and check over everything. We have both tried port forwarding, dmz, connecting wired and wirelessly but nothing works. It takes about 2-3 hrs just to hopefully get to the end of 1 mission. I've searched and searched to now hit a brick wall on new info. Does anyone know of anything different I can try? Or if there will be a patch of some sort coming? Is there anyone that I can try to contact? Any help would be appreciated. I now have 15 1/2 hours played and have only been able to complete 7 missions. I should add multiplayer works just fine, it's only spec ops that gives us problems. Also my friend and I only live about 2 hrs apart, so it can't be a location thing.