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  • 100. Re: What makes your blood boil on MW3?

    1.Black ops patch weapons and game faster than its preddecesor mw3

    2.Assasain-overpowered,needs to be splits into four or 2 perks

    3.Lag Compensation((Real meaning-Lag Producer))

    4.Deathstreaks-Need not to be explained,just type in the infamous Final Stand or Deadmans hand on the internet

    5.Support UAV and CAUV-too easy to get,should be moved to assualt or make it harder to get like 8 or 9 kills.

    6.Maps-Most favor camping

    7.Campers-Nuff said

    8.Non-objective players-campers playing objective games like Domination or Kill Confirmed

    9.Stealth bomber-Should be assualt killstreak or made harder to get like 20 kills

    10.Spawns-worser than mw2,mw1 had the best,you spawned near teamates not near enemies or behind them

  • 101. Re: What makes your blood boil on MW3?

    My answer is, Infinity Ward made it.

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    1. Lag issues

    2. Playing Terminal 60% of the time

    3. Dome or Hardhat

    4. Firing someone running in your direction, hiting him with two bullets (which do not either stop or slow down him) and finally being knifed by him  

    5. Snipers with Akimbo and quick scopers

    6. Being killed by someone you've just killed 1 sec ago

    7. Being shot by one bullet, cover yourself behind a wall or something else, and being killed at the end. In the killcam, you took 3 or 4 bullets before covering. I know it's call lag compensation but I hate that..each time I though I've saved my life

    8. Final Stand

    9. Joining a game where your team is loosing 2000-7200

    10. Having teammates who do not try to take down air support and who are killed again an again to finish 2-15. If they do not want to take down helis, at least why don't they change for a class with Blind-Eye ???


    But it's just a game  

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    What he said.

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    Screen freeze, disc read errors, lag, insta deaths, server disconnects (clan ops), lag, lag, invisible bullets, lag, lag.  Matchmaking and lag compensation is just set wrong!!!!, oh did I forget lag, lag.


    Every now and again the game actually does run smooth (1 in 10ish since last update).


    Everything else about the game is cool, guns, perks, graphics, kill streaks, specialist.


    This game could have been one of the greats, however it will soon be a coffee mat, Roll on BO2.

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    Host Migiration


    Host Migiaration Death .... where somehow, during it you have died and respawned without seeing any of it....


    Terminal spawn campers ....

  • 106. Re: What makes your blood boil on MW3?





    Most shot guns not being very good


    Terrible spawns


    Support - emp, stealth bomber


    Dem maps...

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    I disagree - but my blood is boiling on other players:


    I think they should limit the usage of some perk/weapon combinations to make MW3 more fair!

    I think it´s quite unfair if players (and i mention it´s an increasing amount of them already) use:

    1. Shotgun with "Range extention" or Sniper-Rifles

    2. "Assassin"

    3. "Blind-Eye"

    4. "Dead Silence"

    5. Portable Radar

    6. FMG Akimbo

    7. Dead Man´s Hand

    8. C4...


    • You can´t see them on the map...
    • You can´t see them while launching a Predator...
    • You can´t hear them...
    • They can jump down the steepest objects without beeing hurt...



    • They can shoot you with only one shot - any time...
    • They can walk through the level without beeing discovered by any radar, recon, UAV...
    • They can see you (if you don´t use "Assassin" or "Blind-Eye" with their portable Radar...
    • They can shoot you quickly on short distance caus of their overpowerd "Akimbo"
    • They can blow you up finally cause of "Dead Man´s Hand"...
    • They can blow you up by throwing C4 over walls, containers, through windows - and you can´t escape!


    In my opinion this is pretty unfair gaming!


    And finally: People using the portable Radar are "Campers" quite often too!

    This is not what I expected when buying CoD MW3!!


    Did you?


    I can live with all the perks and most of the weapons, kill-streaks and so on - but I think it would be a great improvement if some combinations of weapons and perks would be ristricted/forbidden!

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    When I get the drop on someone first and I put almost a full clip in someone even when there back is facing me but they turn around and somehow kill me with three to four shot. And most times when i do get killed that way they don't get a headshot kill. Thats what makes my blood boil with this game.

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    LOL @ all the people complaining about OP perks. They are there for you to use. Basically what happens is you try those perks and you can't do as well with them as some of the players you are complaining about so they must be OP when in reality it's just your playstyle. There are counters to every perk in the game. If anything is OP it's the recon/hardline/support streak combo.


    Anyways, the only thing that makes my blood boil in this game is the connection issues/lag. I love that I can go 3-4 games with a 1.5-3.0 K/d and then have a streak of 5-6 games in a row where I can't even break even all because the connection switches and decides to screw me over.