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    This is terrible, unfair to a percentage of customer (many of whom are the best, most loyal customers) and even illegal. You cannot advertise 60 frames per second and only give it those with bad connections. You cannot advertise an experience to all but only make it available to some... Horrible. Fix it

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    Wow, I applaud you for your essay despite your disability, it was quite well written and is much better than a lot of people. But yea, mw3 has crappy lag comp.

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    you think that's bad, try 4 ps3's split screened on a 3g tether with the 5th and final connection a laptop downloading a 2 hour HD video, that's an instant 80-6 KD for the whole team until the battery dies since their phone will discharge faster than it will charge up, it's annoying but funny hearing their mic "why didn't you charge up the phone first like I said, look it's dying" then bloop 8 players all fall out of the lobby or right in the middle of a match. How these people get into a 125ms and never get kicked is unreal!

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    there is no need for theater recordings, just film your gameplay after you have optimized you internet settings to get an open nat, every time you get killed let the kill cam play through completely to show what the other player saw, you can then cut out everything except your deaths up to before dying and after the end of the kill cam, just use an HD camera, film it, and upload, easy, since the kill cam is a immediatly played back theater mode recording that can't be turned off it makes the lag comp forced deaths very obvious when recorded.

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    Any word on if Black Ops 2 will have these same issues. I've already decided to not
    buy until I can confirm the quality of the MP. MW3 was the worst
    quality MP of the series by far. Each iteration of COD seems to get worse.
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    BO2 MP will be the same 'lag' as BO1.

    If u played it u should know that BO1 has horrible lag compensation & hit detection.

    until they dont change their engine it will has always the same problems.

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    I think these guys agree with your video cap !!!



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    I stopped playing MW3 for months because the lag comp was so ridiculous (been playing BF3). It ruined the game for me and my classmates; almost all of whom no longer play. AND I wasted my money on founder edition. Stupid me.


    I came back recently to see if they had fixed it… STILL STINKS. I realize that lag compensation can't be dropped  wholesale, but clearly they can balance things better. It's more of the same: Bullets bending 'round corners, guys with impossible reflexes, multiple center-mass shots with no hit markers, dying before you see muzzle flashes (only to see the guy empty a clip in you via kill cam), etc.


    This will be the first time, in a long-long-time, I don't buy a COD title on release. I'll probably wait a month or so and watch the forums. If lag comp continues to be an issue, COD will lose this long time fan.


    I refuse to play a game that penalizes me for having a great (and expensive) internet connection.



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