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To all you quickscopers...


You see all these thread 'Bring back quickscoping or else i11 k1ck y0ur a55 tr3y4rch!'. But have you even tried out different sniper combinations?
The other day I was playing combat training (because it's alot more fun than the regular multiplayer) with friends and I slapped on the L96A1 w/ ACOG scope. And my god it is so damn easy to quick scope with it.

So, if you're a so called 'quickscoper' (NOT a sniper...) go and try this class out:

L96A1 w/ ACOG scope
Pistol of your choice (I used the m1911)
Scavenger pro
Sleight of hand pro
Ninja/Hacker pro

Seriously, I was actually amazed as to why people scream for 'bringing quickscoping back'

And another thing. Reason why Treyarch probably won't bring back CoD 4 Quickscoping is because...well, have you played CoD 4? All you bloody hear is a constant stream on .308 shots...with the odd MP5/M16 user...you really want this game to turn into that? Lets face it, CoD 4 sniping was quite easy (And MW2 was just pure easy mode....) you really just wanna hear wannabe MLG quickscopers all the time? I sure don't...