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*SIGH* Truly sad...but funny at the same time (Sept DLC)

I must say that it's kind of sad that of the 11 people that are online on my friends list only 1 is playing the DLC. I remember when we couldn't wait to play the DLC and it seems that post Sanctuary / Foundation people just lost interest altogether. Actually Oasis got some love, but Decommission and Off Shore didn't get much, and now today with the "Final Assault" there's one on. *thumbs up*


Anyone else on Xbox notice this or are all of my friends just too cool? LOL.


- Goose

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    I was thinking the same thing...I know ive lost the love for the dlc's , ive only played offshore and decommission maybe 2 or 3 times to check them out.

    I along with most of my friends think the elite playlist is a waist , and just wait till the maps go into rotation so we can play them on the game mode we want to.


    Not sure if its that IW is lazy , or what but , i played on the 3 new maps and its such a waste that they have all of the boxs,ledges,pool table,bar's and many many more cool objects in these maps and you cant get on , under or even use as cover. Hell you cant even get in or on any trucks or tanks . ( nothin) there are wall barriers on everything.

    I get as upset at campers as the next guy but they are going to the extreme.

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      Well, you need to wait for the DLC package to be released to the general public then maybe you will see more.  But yes, only a few of my friends have Elite and I can tell you not many are going to pony up the $15 for these new maps, so it is doubtful that I will be getting much use out of them.

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      Modern Warfare 3 map design has always been against letting people get on top of objects, whether it be a crate or a car.


      When you can get on something in a MW3 map, it tends to be a recycled asset from a previous game (the white van/truck where you can climb to the hood then roof then cargo roof, the tanker truck with the rear ladder, etc), involves glitch jumping, or otherwise looks like an accident or oversight (getting on stuff in Arkaden).


        When it comes to new elements, there tend to be barriers everywhere.  If Dome was a MW2 map, I'm sure you'd be able to mantle its vehicles, and getting "in the Dome" would more likely be intentional and not a glitch jump.  In MW3 Resistance, even though your jump carries you above the hoods of some cars, you simply slide off.  I'm not sure, but I don't think you can shoot through the windows of the firetrucks on Interchange.


      This is probably because people vocally complained about guys getting on stuff in MW2.  People wanted less verticality, so MW3 reduces nearly everywhere to two levels (even if the whole map is sloped, making it look like height is more varied).  People didn't want to have to look on top of boxes, crates, cargo containers, or airplane shells suspended from ceilings, so MW3 made all those things off-limits, or at least tried to.  (And, as I've said before, I think that change contributes at least partly to how bad the spawn system is in MW3. Reducing the places you can move funnels people to more limited paths, and reducing places that you can/need to look makes it more likely you will be seen.)

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    I can't imagine many people would be interested in buying DLC for a game they know is about to be replaced in a month or so. How IW figured they could push this DLC so close to Black Ops II release is what is truly sad & funny at the same time.

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    I didn't bother with it just in case it was another Faceoff drop. I don't want to pay $15 for Faceoff stuff that I never wanted to play in the first place.


    That's why I skipped the last content drop, might grab the last one later someday but as of right now Mw3 isn't being played enough to justify the difference.

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    I never play with the DLC enabled anymore.  LAGFESTCENTRAL!!!!  I can get much better games when it's disabled.  This sucks that Activision basically took my money and said f off, but life goes on and in the end, it's the company that will loose.