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MOABS and stuff

Help me out on my YouTube channel please. My videos are only getting a handful of views and I have 3 MOABs uploaded, and a number of other videos. I upload COD and Flight Sim which gives me a bit of variety. If you like my video comment on it on my video please !/4.5.6/images/emoticons/happy.gif|_mce_src=/4.5.6/images/emoticons/happy.gif|_ __jive_emoticon_name=happy|jivemacro=emoticon|class=jive_macro jive_emote|src=/4.5.6/images/emoticons/happy.gif!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GSQzeNivIw&list=UUD07rRa1eQk1qEeAZYmEOeA&index=5 &feature=plcp</p>