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MP9 A Little Monster? ~

I know that most people know that the mp9 is a beast, but i played with the mp9 and usas last night and was destroying!


i normally had it always silenced, but this time i used extended mags.. I feel like I like that better


your thoughts/ setups?

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    I always use it with extended mags.  It's a little underpowered when silenced or at least I feel that way when I've used it silenced.  The mind can be a powerful persuader.  Regardless, it's very useful with extended mags.  It doesn't really need an RDS because the iron sights are already really good.  It's actually my preferred secondary.

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    Use it with a silencer on any class where my primary has a silencer.  Extended mags on any class where I'm not using a silencer.  Before the recent weapon buff it was better than some of the SMG's IMO.  I trust it more at range over any SMG but the MP7.

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    It's a complete beast. Easily one of the best guns in the game overall. Almost no recoil, extraodinary range, even with a silencer and it has decent rate of fire.


    I've ran it loud with EX mags and silenced. I prefer it silenced because of my play style, and I didn't notice any struggles still getting people from insane distances. With that being said, you'll kill a little quicker from distance with EX mags and won't have to stress as much when coming across multiple bad dudes.