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Planetary Annihilation. Awesome new RTS that needs to be made!

Planetary Annihilation!



[img]http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/115/333/cdbf9e566b372fae67f4c0562243bffc_ large.png?1345051219[/img]



Website: http://planetaryannihilation.com/



Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/659943965/planetary-annihilation-a-next-gene ration-rts



Planetary Annihilation is a new game that was recently announced on Kickstarter, created by many of the same developers of famous RTS games such as Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation, and newer games such as Super Monday Night Combat.



What is so special about this game, you may ask? Well, it's going to revolutionise RTS gameplay. Instead of a traditional rectangular map, the developers are aiming to achieve a full solar system with round planets, which as many as 40 or more

players fighting in one game, on seperate planets and asteroids. It is set in a science-ficiton future where technology has become the best of it's kind, after humans have been wiped out and an interplanetary war started by humans is still being

carried out by replicating robots that fight endlessly.



Game Information

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[size=150]About it:[/size]

"We're not shooting for realism; we're shooting for awesome"



This game isn't meant to be a super realistic game. At quoted above, they are focusing a lot more on the gameplay than the realism side of things. Despite this, many parts of the game are still physics based; you can alter planetary orbits, you can

fire using large artillery cannons from celestial object to celestial object! When travelling around, you don't use warp drives; you use good old rocket engines.



The game world isn't a bunch of preset planets. When relocating to a new planet all the gameplay still happens around you. Time doesn't freeze with multiple different static play areas; instead, the game world is fully simulated and you have full control

over gameplay, everywhere. Each planet can interact with another, to the extent of CRASHING ASTEROIDS INTO PLANETS. Yes, you hear me correctly.



[i]Official Trailer:[/i]




Modding is an extremely high priority for the game developers. They plan to allow you to install mods directly when joining a server instead of needing to hunt them down, and a full scripting system is planned. Each game planet is fully procedural and this

means that every time you play, you can either have a randomly generated map, a built in preset map, or even load in planets you made with an in-game editor and map your own solar system. The editor isn't in any way limited; you'd be able to make unlimited

sized planets as far as the game could handle without crashing, and even then if you are feeling cocky you will be able to override it with a simple console command.



The developers aren't skimping on multiplayer, either. They are making sure to support Windows, Mac and Linux, and LAN multiplayer will be fully supported. They are trying to make the possibilities endless; in the finished game, you'll even be able to "share" a faction with another player to allow

both big set up multiplayer tounraments where several players on the same faction could all individually micro-manage a few planets while sharing the same resource pools and units, or you could have dozens of seperate factions, all playing in the same world,

at the same time, fully interacting with each other. It's completely versatile: one minute you could be playing a small game with only one planet and a very small amount of players, traditional RTS style, and the next you could be trekking across an entire

solar systems, fighting off thousands of units from dozens of factions on hundreds of planets and moons.



With such great multiplayer possibilities, you'll want to remember these epic battles. That's why a full gameplay recorder is being implemented, which will record every step of the game, and you will be able to play it back later. None of this static recordings

either! You'll be able to change camera position and angles, change what faction's line of site you are viewing and view their resources at any time, and watch a fully dynamic recording afterwards which means that casual players can enjopy rewatching their best]

battles while bith groups could view it to carefully refine what they had done wrong, and hone up their skills.



[i]TotalHalibut's Developer Interview:[/i]




Remember to try and pledge high! With a $40 pledge you get the game in Beta stage, the soundtrack, and an exclusive commander. WIth a $100 pledge, you get a digital copy of the game, access to the alpha, a physical box of the game, a set of miniature models, and another special Alpha commmander. You also get

the rewards from all previous pledges!



[size=150][b]Stretch Goals![/b][/size]





[img]http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/assets/000/149/112/0b25ec3fd66a9683a0ec5648a85c484f_ large.png?1347024760[/img]





[img]http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/659943965/planetary-annihilation-a-next-generat ion-rts/exp-cone.png[/img][/quote]