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Easiest solution to stop Hackers 90% gone! V3.0 is HERE !!!!!!!



Q. Give me a short version why your system works, not ban legit players and what abt hackers getting around it, keep it short please!


A. If I tune COD MW3 online servers to instantly ban players getting 90+ GUN kills in any game with 95% Headshots, what would that do? Ban legit players? No. Ban blatant hackers? Yes. Everyone happy? Not everyone but most. Hackers will get around it soon enough but at least BLATANT hackers are gone to begin with! 




Q. Your System is a Fail, doesn't and wont work and I am glad it won't be implemented!


A. Thanks, but optimism is all we need. If you can't contribute anything positive than we all know how you behave in the game if someone gives you a headshot through a wall.




Q. Costs are too high, how do we know it works, Activision n IW doesn't give a crap! No matter how many times you discuss it, this thing won't be implemented!


A. We are not here to discuss that, every online MP game has hack problems incl BF4! Players are banned on daily basis manually by admins, and because hacks are upgraded this has a Big chance to stop most hackers to begin with and the rest can be banned by admins!  




Q. WTF are you talking about, what's the point then?


A. Hack problems are in every type of game, COD, BF, CS, pickup anything online. It would be easier if most developers join effort coming up with some internal game logic to detect hackers instead completely relying on third-party, also works on consoles! So 80-90% internal logic plus third party solutions incl admins.


The point is to agree, Yes we have some solid solution to begin with and if implemented can be shared among other game developers because point-shoot logic is the same for nearly all MP games.



Q. Sorry too complicated, I am out. Just stop it!


A. This is why it will work. Game developers have resources to fight it and they can make hackers really earn their money if it gets implemented.



Q. So how do I believe you? Are you for real, this works? Do you even know the basics about hacks, anti cheats and how they work and what if Legit players get banned?


A. Have a view at this clip HERE. Even extremely good legit players have missed shots while taking down players. For COD the system will check top 3 players in each team or if the K/D is exceptionally high and flag them internally with HIGH priority for quickest review and ban.



Q. You are not listening! Legit players will get banned! LEGIT! Very high chance they will be banned and this whole thing is a FAIL! Why you are not listening? It doesn't matter if the system works as long as Legit payers are getting banned! IT'S A FAIL!


A. Alright here is a question... how legit players will get banned if the system checks for 50 consecutive played games, do aggregate on all those games and give results to an admin and bans placed AFTER reviewing those results by an admin?



Q. Are you stupid? Admins make mistakes, they are not as smart as I am they WILL make mistakes and ban Legit players. Also hackers can get around your solution hitting Chest/Head/Legs/Arms everything!!!!!  You are Failed Bro just give UP already!!


A. You are right Admins do make mistakes abuse their powers sometimes, kick players they don't like and ban if they really hate them. This is why the solution NEEDS to be flawless so they don't make mistakes. Anyone even a hacker hitting Chest/Head/Legs/Arms sounds like a legit player and should be ALLOWED to play the game.



Q. You have gone gone crazy bro, a hacker allowed to play the game? Make me believe you on this one and I might think it works...


A. The bans are quicker for blatant hackers. Anyone who is *appearing* to play the game as a legit player is probably may or may not be a hacker. But that is detected by Accuracy stats plus some other stats recorded already by the system. The hacker appearing legit is allowed to play and stats recorded for 50+ games and analyzed by the system. That helps improve the internal logic and placing bans in future.




==================================================  ===========================================



Theory behind the system:


From past threads it *seemed* difficult for readers to understand the system. Here is a short version for now:


Have a look at MW2 & MW3 challenges Links below:

1. Challenges - MW2
2. Challenges - MW3



Tons of stats already recorded by the system for EACH game:

1. Longest killstreak

2. Most headshots/Most assists

3. Highest Multikill/Most damage dealt

4. Most bullet penetration kills

5. Most longshots

6. Most reloads

7. Longest distance traveled/Most time spent crouching

8. Most time spent sprinting....etc.


The point is the client and online server keeps record of everything.

For example: light Weight Pro IV: System will record sprinting distance traveled 250 miles within the game.



Bans - Based on how Quick and Accurate are the shots.


1. The sneaky ones - Wallhack Bans placed for review on stats how quickly shots are fired once the player is visible around the corner with dead accuracy. If they are too often in Any game more accurate and quicker than any best legit player that HIGHLIGHTS the player for review after aggregating 50+ games. Massive Bullet penetration kills are also highlighted.


2. The BAD ones - Longest Killstreak/MostHeadshots/Chest shots/Most penetration Kills/Most Longshots/Dead Accuracy puts a player on review with extremely high stats aggregating 50+ games. Also top three players on each side are strictly checked with all parameters thresholds.


3. Instant bans placed for hackers placing Longest Killstreak Chest/Head shots/Penetration kills/Long shots with Dead Accuracy esp with Sniper rifles concluding massive kill amount in a matter of seconds.


4. Accuracy always taken in account for all checks and bans. Hackers will always get highlighted for head/chest shots/penetration kills with Dead Accuracy! 


5. No requirement to record games, uploads, no overheads to existing system. No abuse of system in anyway, no legit player bans based on 50+ games aggregate, everything is checked based on Stats recorded by the client and online server.


6. The solution is not limited to COD but every other MP online shooter.