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Stop complaining about spawnkilling. The forums are filled with it.

Spawnkilling shouldn't get anyone banned because it's not a glitch, it's not a hack, and it's not illegal. Spawnkilling and Spawntrapping are basically the same thing and don't even try to agrue with me in this forum about why it's not because I know it is. They still aren't able to get out of their spawn and still lose the game. Okay say if i'm Spawntrapping and I get a moab. The people on the other team can't and didn't kill me right? Right. Okay so now since they can't even touch me lets go alittle closer and get into their spawn and save time by Spawnkilling. What's the difference here? What, maybe 5 seconds of them having a life. They are dying either way. If you're complaining about being in the spawntrap or being spawnkilled just quit out the game. Sitting there just stressing yourself over dying isn't going to stop it. If you have a problem with spawnkilling just learn how to stay out of it! It's completely YOUR FAULT that you're in it.

Like for example, I'm in a HC CTF clan. We do both spawnkilling and spawntrapping. Most of the time I'm playing it by myself and they do that crap to me. Sure, it's really annoying if they get you in it but half of the time I'm messing it up by staying out of it and causing them to break it up and come find me. It takes skill to get you in a spawnkilling situation. If your skill isn't good enough to kill that person so that you can stay out of it just hit Start, Go up once, Hit A, Go up once again, and quit out. IW isn't going to switch up their spawns anymore because you don't have enough skill to stay out of something so simple to prevent. Don't blame the person that's spawnkilling you either. It's mostly IW fault. No offense to them but EVERY map only have 5 spawns. (Their ONLY map that has sort of good spawns is Oasis.) There are 6 people on each team. The maps are so simple that they only have certain places that people can spawn in. If they had more spawns than people and more complex maps this would be eliminated. So when MW4 is in development make slightly bigger maps with more spawn points. PS, no offense to the COD IW brand but take notes from Battlefield. They know how to build good maps.