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Why is it infinity ward has to be so damn shitty an stupid to add quick scoping into a game an allow the ppl that do it to have an auto lock on an get instant kill shots along with allowing ppl to quick scope on drop zone an make it so all of them know exactly where a spawn spot is going to be at so the minute you spawn bam you get quick scoped but yet all of the ppl from infinity ward that made the game listened to the ppl from mw2 that quick scoped so they added it into this one an didnt bother to ask any of the other ppl that didnt like it because it was a one shot kill just from left trigger real fast then right trigger right after that you all need to get that straight if your gonna allow quick scoping dont make it a one shot kill make it so they get a hit marker not an instant kill

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    Well it's in BO.2 as well so get used to it :) plus if you can't deal with someone that has only one shot and you have a fully automatic weapon... Get better at the game .

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    The QSers in DZ are pretty good at it but if they don't have you in their sights they are pretty easy targets as well.  You aren't going to go on a long killstreak with them around and I suppose that's what bothers people the most about it.  I don't QS because I'm a terrible sniper but it seems to me that a snipe rifle is supposed to be very powerful.  So I don't have any problem with them being a OHK.  Doing otherwise would be like saying that an SMG shouldn't be able to kill me quickly at close range so nerf the firerate.  Or an AR shouldn't be able to kill me at medium range so up the recoil.  I guarentee if you got shot with a snipe rifle at any range in real life it's going to put a hole through you.