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Is Infinity Ward working on the spawns? Cause right now they are CRAP. I know with BO2 coming out the game will lose some support and players, but if BO2 is anything like the first one I will not be switching over and still want a decent game with suppport to play on. But these spawns are ridiculous.

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    Any game type in particular as I find FFA spawns the most irritating? They do have spawns as a known problem in their Tu and hot fix thread.

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      Yeah FFA seems to be the worst. Played a couple games of that today for the Lone Wolf Operation, but I already gave up because of the still not fixed lag compensation and the broken spawns. But it seems to be in any game really especially ones without objectives. I mostly play Team Defender and although there is a flag I don't really consider it an objective game like Domination and Demolition, because the base of the game is to kill people to win. The spawns in the game are crap and it seems to be worse than when I quit playing about 4 months ago. So in the TU and hot fix threads do they mention anything about fixing these issues? I wasn't looking forward to BO2 but now... I realize I do not want to get stuck playing MW3 until MW4 comes out.

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        That's the thread with this at the start:-


        Balance and Updates currently in Development and/or Discussion:

        Timer countdown tick fix for PS3. Both in-game and in-lobby.

        Further improvements to network performance.

        Further improvements to the spawn system.

        MP music volume remix.


        They've mentioned several times in several posts that a network code update(lag comp) is being worked on and shall be implemented, when?well 'how long is a piece of string?' The recent issues with dlc updates, 18 man lobbies, black loading screens and hacker intensity might be slowing them down a bit to focus on the main issues for most of us that would prefer to just play this game and not ***** about it.


        As for the spawns all I've figured out is that they're aware of the issue and some say it's not even fixable. They're collecting data for bad spawns ie dead within 3 seconds but i'm not sure of this counts for being killed by the guy you just killed too.


        FFA might be the worst I've experienced but I've had bad spawns in all game modes I've played and the map layouts could be the biggest issue with fixing the spawns for them as with giving us quick cqc maps the safe zones for spawning are few and far between but this doesn't count for all maps.

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    I doubt they will doing anything this late on in the game besides it wouldn't be cod without bad spawns lol I can't remember any of them having great spawns anyway