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Type 95 VS M16~

SO I have experience with both guns. I have the Type 95 in gold, and the M16 in Autum camo


this is what I ve seen


M16 over all great gun

- more consistent ( one shot kills)

- Better reload

- great defensive weapon

- good hip fire


M16  cons

sluggish on ADS

Iron sights Suck


my personal catigory "Agile" which lacks



- better iron sight

- better/faster ADS

- More agile

- decent hip fire

- great defensive weapon


Type95 cons

slow reload

silencer severly hurts bullet damage drop off rate at distance

less consistent


Over all I perfer the Type95, soly on that it is more of an agile gun, for me it way easier to work with even though its less consistent.

m16 is great and you can beast with it, but for me personally i need more of an agile gun

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    Pretty good comparison of the two. M16 is more for longer range battles then the T95 is. So if your a defensive long range player the M16 is great to use. Like getting close to the action more often then then T95 is the one to go with.

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    I also prefer the type 95 because of the iron sights and because the rate of fire is still just a little bit faster than the m16 from my trials. Over all, they are both excellent guns.

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    Well I've been one shot killed more often by a type 95 than a m16 that's for sure. Since they buffed the m16 it's pretty good for hip fire and I like the iron sites far better than equipped and the silencer seems to get me one or two shot kills without question. The type 95 just isn't for me though.

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    Strange, I think after the patch the M16 is great for being a mobile player. I happen to prefer the M16's Iron sites as compared to the T95. To each their own.

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    After the M16 buff, I'd say the M16 is a joy to use for once even if I play in an aggressive manner.


    Put on Rapid Fire & a RDS (to cover the terrible ironsights) & you're good to go.