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PDP Afterglow Headset


OMG I really want one of these headsets, its for xbox, ps3, wii, wii U, pc and Ipod! Do they sell them in Australia?

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    No, when I was looking for mic here I looked across everywhere for the headset. At least an hour to find this mic this and then I came to the pvp website. I found the order form and was so excited after an hour. I fill it all out and then.....I click Australia then state and the only states that show up are US states.


    I ended up getting it off ebay and ran it over a week later under my chair.

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    Did Turtle Beach come out with one for Wii U yet?  Surely they will.  I just hope these launch games are all capable of using other headsets.  Well, any that have online play anyway.  It would suck to get Black Ops 2 and there is only one headset that will work with it again. 

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      They announced at E3 that they were going to have headsets for the Wii U. Aside from that, I don't think there was anything else they said regarding specific models, price, release dates, etc.

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    Seriously though, at this point, you will be wasting your money with buying the new headset solely for wii(since the wii u might be able to handle any old USB headset, in which case, you can probably buy better headsets for it), UNLESS you're planning to use it for other consoles/PC or to look like a total d*uche like the kids that wear shades indoors and their hats backwards.