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A better headset for Wii

Don't know if you guys have seen the latest Corner Campers, or a recent Conboy videom but there is a new PDP headset for Wii.

It's wireless, remembles the Turtle Beaches and is universal! You can use it on Xbox360, PS3, Wii, WiiU, and even PC!

Here's a link just in case you guy are interested http://www.pdp.com/p-1212-afterglow-universal-wireless-headset.aspx

Idk why but I got really excited when I saw these and when I get my job soon I'll be sure to buy these and save up for a WiiU.

Just thought I'd let you guys know...

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    Sour taste buds

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    My only problem with them is the glow-in-the-dark crap. I'm not gonna see it when I'm wearing it, and it will be distracting overall, so why bother? I'm just gonna buy a turtlebeach for the wiiU instead. I posted a link about it in the Corner Campers thread somewhere

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    Too little too late. What's the point of releasing proper headphones for the Wii this late in the game's lifespan? Especially when most of the people/clans that were hardcore into COD Wii left to other consoles already.

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    I rather save up and when the Wii U comes out, if it accepts any USB headset, I'll buy something better.

    My problem with it is that its wireless.....wireless....lack of quality. Plus, with the wii, i'm not going to get any better quality out of it, the PDP headbanger sounds great on PC but crappy on wii, because wii simply cannot handle better quality. The new glow in the dark thing ma bob might be louder which will give you the illusion of better quality......I'm not saying its a bad headset.....from the looks of it, it looks like any old headset EXCEPT IT GLOWS IN THE F*CKING DARK JUST LIKE MY SKETCHERS GLOW IN THE DARK SHOES GOML

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    This is a universal headset, you don't nececarilly have to use it for the Wii.

    It'll work for WiiU it'll work for anything.

    And it's sound whore central for the last two months the Wii has left lol.

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    too expensive for my tastes....Besides like everyone's already sayed the glow in teh dark isn't that cool, its just there to make them more expensive....