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Call of Duty MW3 and Elite Broken already!!!

I'm a new player to Modern Warfare 3 and Elite and when I played Mw3 Online multiplayer I noticed that there was a few incedences of where kills that would never normally be possible on mw2 or Black ops were being made. I have also had incedences where other Players would be able to know my exact location even though I had never shot 1 round yet and have Assassin Pro, Blind Eye, and they some how shoot exactly where my head was. I have had times where I have shot a player arround 15-20 times with an Assault Rifle and he/she wouldn't die and yet I would get killed. I believe that you have failed to make a proper anti-hacking system, and need to improve the Call of duty elite anti-hack system as well because I suspect as well as many others that the main reason that people are able to hack a newer game like this was because of the Auxillery Program with in the game. I have a Video link that might convice some people that you Infinity Ward and other developers of MW3& Elite need to improve your security.






If this is really true which im 75% sure it is then MW3 is broken and better be fixed before Blakc Ops 2 or I will never buy another Call Of Duty game ever again, and i will make sure no family or friends do either.

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    Broken already? Its been broken since last November.

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    It is not broken, it is flawed there is a difference between the two. Broken indicates not able to be used, when clearly the game can be played. So it is not broken it just has many problems with it. Never was it ever promised anywhere on the site or the package that the online features of the game would work 100% exactly as you expect them too or think they should.


    Stating you will not purchase any more and try to drive friends and family away is very poorly thought out threat used to try and get them to fix the game to be how you think it should be. It has been used by many many other people and nothing has ever been done. So making that claim yourself really means nothing to them. They do not care if you and your family or freinds do not buy, for there will be others that will buy and they know this because of past sales history. So your threat falls on deaf ears.

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      No it is broken but can still be used in its broken state.  Like alot of things that break and can still be used.


      This forum is broken too and so is elite!

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        No it is not broken it works as it was programmed to do so. Just not how you think it should do so. Here is a hint, Do not expect the game to do as you want or be as you want if you did not design the game for it will not. And by it not doing so does not mean it is broken no matter how you try to claim it is.


        The forum is not broken it has flaws, Elite is not broken it has flaws there is a difference. Broken means does not work or can not be used. If radio is broken it does not play music, so it can not be used as a radio.


        This game can be used it can be played, it does work just not as you expect or want it too. But that does not mean it is broken nor has it ever nor will it ever.

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    The video link you posted is from a private match. The other incidents you describe could possibly be due to lag.


    I can't speak personally about PS3 because I've switched from PC to xbox on this title. I'm sure however the PS3 issues are nowhere near as bad as PC.


    I have heard about 18 man FFA and occasional hacked lobbies but they seam to be few and far between. Not sure if Elite is even actually the culprit since these issues would pop up in all past COD games.


    Bottom line is if you find yourself in a match like that just leave and go to another game. Simple....