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Hey guys, I am wanting to buy a headset for my ps3 and was thinking the px21? what are your opinions of this headset?


    First thing im going to ask is, what is the most you would spend for a headset?


    Thats what headset i have. It's pretty good. I've had mine for little over a year now and it has not give any problems (my wife bought mine used off Ebay for my b-dayand only paid $55) If its in your price rage and can't afford anything higher i would go for it if it was me. i like mine very much.


    Not sure about those, but I bought the Sony Brand about a month ago now and I am very pleased.  Comfortable to wear, have good range, the battery life is OK, but if you are gaming all day I'd recommend a longer USB cable so you can stay plugged in for as long as possible.  They were cheap too at $100, the premium edition has yet to be released (it'll be $150) and they look VERY NICE.


    px 21 is on offer at argos at the moment , i got one the other week, cant remember how much cost, think was about £30, i think its brilliant, but ive never had a headset before, it does feel a bit "cheap" an flimsy tho...



    oh yeah, and you need the scart audio lead from ps3 to tv as well as usual hdmi connection, i threw mine out ages ago, so had to buy one - i got this from maplin for around £5

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      go for the dpx 21. got mine on ebay for around £72.... sound is wicked 7.1 dolby but make sure no one plays around with the amp that comes with it... my kids done it to me and when i turned the game on it nearlly blew my head off!!!


    I own both of these:


    DPX21 (PX21 with a DDS* module)

    OS3 headset


    Cost: PS3 wins


    DPX21 - about $150-180 CAN

    PS3 - $100 CAN


    Mobility: Tie


    DPX21 is wired, has good length

    PS3 Wireless which is a plus, but as Wrid says, getting a USB extended cable is a must as the battery life is just ok, but you can play while plugged in.


    Controls: PX21s


    The TBs controls are easy to use allowing you to mix the chat and game volumes easily

    the PS3 has the same control, but it is at the side of your head, and does not do as good of a job at mixing (it seems almost all chat, 50/50 mix, or all game as when you try to lower one or the other, it is too low. As well, the PS3 does not have a bass control, but I find you do not need it (see sound)


    Sound: PS3


    DPX21 is great, but the DSS module and the PX21 extender do funny things to each other

    PS3 sound is great (not amazing... amazing would be astros).  The Virtual Surround sound is very nice. I can hear things with the PS3 I could not with the TBs. Although it lacks manual  bass/treble equalization, it does not need it. the sound is that good.


    Durability: unknown

    A common complaint about the TBs is that the left ear piece breaks off (happened to me)

    PS3 seem sturdy enough, but supposed the retractable mouth piece will eventually stop locking in the up position


    Comfort: PS3 but not by much

    Both are comfortable, but the PS3 does a better job at blocking out the room noise. It seems to fir better on my head.




    Between those two models, the PS3 headset is a much better value (imho).  If you want to spend in the 100-150 range, I would pck the PS3s over the TBs everyday (I am not even going to bother fixing my TBs as I like the PS3s that much).


    * DSS - Digital Surround Sound


    I've had a PX21 for about a year now and love it, especially for the price.  Sounds come through clearly and being able to adjust the bass levels is nice.  I've seen a couple of complaints on these forums saying that they break easily, but I'm pretty rough with mine and nothing has broken.  My only complaint is that they are not wireless.  I don't like feeling the cord against me when I play.  Then again, it is nice not having to charge them.


    I had the better ones, and I felt like it was just too much , not only money, but the settings were weird, so I took them back and downgraded to the px21,and i like them better


    I currently own the P11's and, for the price, are pretty good. I tried out the DPX21's and did not like them at all. They're the same as the PX21's but come with the DSS module to increase sounds. Personally i found it quite annoying having to make changes on the headset remote as well as the DSS remote. I couldn't find a good setting between them so it was pretty much a waste for me. As for the PX21's themselves. They're not bad however I really don't notice any difference between those and my P11's. I tried out the Sony wireless headset as well as my two issues with those were turning the headset on/off was hit or miss. And they use pleather ear cups so if you game for a long time, your ears will get sweaty and nasty. I'm waiting for the new Sony PULSE headset to come out and give those a whirl. Been looking for some good wireless, surround sound headset for awhile.


    I forgot about one other complaint I have with the PX21's.  After one of the patches to MW3, even when my mic is turned off, it looks like it is on in the lobby.  It seems like it is connected to one of the other miked players and when they speak, it looks like we both are.  Not sure what the deal is, but it's annoying when people think I'm the whiny 12yo who won't shut up.