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Use prestige token for ACR or MP7 or?

Hey, since I'm prestige now :) I want to use my prestige token(wisely) and I'm thinking either unlock gear for mp7 Or ACR. I like the ACR a lot and had it to like level 29 before I prestiged. I've use the mp7 a few times an when I do I like it. My only concerns are, will the mo7 have enough firing range to be able to keep up with the ACR, what do you guys think? ACR or MP7 or something better(msr,etc)?

I won't make a decision till I get some feedback. Thanks~[USMC]Sgt.SmithAZ


P.s. if I don't use my token Iand I save it for 2nd prestige do I keep the first token ?

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    Yes you can wait and save your tokens. I would suggest waiting until you unlock your favorite gun and then buying double weapon xp. For example, if your favorite gun is the MP7 then wait until you unlock the MP7 and then but double weapon XP. You can rank up your favorite guns much faster that way.

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    MP7. It takes longer to unlock. I am almost at presige 10 and still have a token to use. I have spent them on ACR, FAD, C4, RPG, MP7, AK and 2 extra classes. Go for what is harder to unlock. ACR unlocks early and is a waste of a token. Don't eat to much cheese.

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    I went with the ACR on my first prestige..
    To me its a no-brainer.. Its one of the best guns in the game and you can't unlock it otherwise til you are a fair way through your prestige..

    As for the MP7.. Its good as well.. But I found that the PP90 and P90 would do the job for an smg.. Personally I don't think there is much difference between the PP90 and the MP7, except the MP7 is more accurate over a larger distance..
    On a side note the other things to consider unlocking is the Stinger and the final stand perk..

    Both are super handy and you get really easy xp for the Stinger..

    I think you get like 10,000 xp for 40, 60 and 80 vehicle/air support take downs...

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    Double xp/double weapon xp i don't really care about, considering its only temparily and I can rank up the guns myself. I'm thinking bout the mp7 considering it's a very high rank gun.. Thanks for the replies, I'm still not 100% sure.

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    Hmmm.. Thanks..I'm still unsure :) never even used Ak before :) I'll test some of them out in private matches..any other people have good experience with Ak/p90/mp7/etc

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    First and foremost Sgt., thank you (and to all the other armed forces personnel; past and present) for your service to the country.


    Now as for your token choices:

    As was previously mentioned, it really depends on your play style. The ACR is a phenomenal weapon for engagements across distance. Equp. it with a silencer and the optic of your choice, and it's a great anti-sniper weapon. I've gotten OHKs across big maps (Interchange and Downturn) with it more than once.

    From a personal standpoint, I think it's overpowered; stopped using it after I got the 2500 kills title, But hey, that's just me.

    For close to mid-range, the MP7 is another great choice.


    Here's a thought to consider for the future; it was my favorite class when I used the ACR -



    1st primary - MP-7 w/ extended mags & silencer

    2nd primary - ACR w/ silencer (the iron sights are so sweet, I didn't need a scope)

    Lethal - Semtex / Tactical - EMP

    Scavenger pro / Overkill pro / Stalker pro


    Thank you again for your service.


    Remember, you can't have slaughter without the laughter,


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    I didn't serve in the army/military.. And I think I'm going with mp7 for now because most of the time I'm close to midrange. Thanks for everyone's answers.

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      Ah, [USMC] Sgt. SmithAZ = clan/gamer tag. Well, good luck w/ the MP7


      And regardless, thanks to all the military personnel out there.

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      Custom classes brother, all the way! Ive gone through 2 full 10 prestige profiles, and did double xp every prestige, then I got hacked, had 15 classes, and didnt realise how limited you are with just 5.


      Unlocking gear is foolish if your not going to do the full prestiges as you`ll get the weapons eventually anyway!


      Get the custom classes, then the game will ALWAYS have replayability, and you can keep it fresh and can adapt to certain ingame situations.


      My new profile , im currently 7th stige, the 1st 5 I unlocked classes, so now I have 10, and thats not enough. Then I unlocked MP7, the ACR. The ACR was a waste really as I dont often use ARs, BUT im not gona stige anymore as I love the 7th emblem, so its no problem.


      FWIW, I play mainly dom, and a bit of search, so I have these classes,


      1 P90 (rf/range)

      2 PP90M1 (ext mags/range)

      3 UMP (ext mags/rf)

      4 MP7 (ext mags/rf)

      5 USAS (range/ext mags0

      Those 5 all have specialist varied/ with smoke grenade for capping cover /extreme pro,hardline,steady aim as perks, theyre my run n gun domination classes

      6 ACR (kick/silencer)- for TDM - assassin/marksman/soh

      7 MP7 (range/red dot)- for TDM - assassin/marksman/soh

      8 USAS (range/ext mags) - search and destroy class, extreme pro/assassin/steady aim - support uav/cuav

      9 MP7 (range/red dot)- search and estroy class, recon/assassin/marksman - support uav/cuav

      10 ANTI AIR, any gun - stinger/blind eye/ assassin, just for those moments when im with randoms and were getting powned by haxors with paves/ah6 in support

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    This clan, had me do the sgt. Part. And I agree thanks to all the people who have served our country. And thanks I'll get the mp7 when I go on later :)

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    You typical typical cod player lol jk mp7 since you unlock it later then next prestige do the acr but then afterwards work on custom classes ill tell u from experience after i was 10th prestige i only had 7 custom classes so i had to keep prestiging to get the rest so no gold guns so buy you 2 fav weapons then custom classes then callsigns

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    THanks, I got the mp7 :) and Callsigns don't seem worth it..bit we'll see..most likely my next will either be ACR,MSR, or custom class..

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    Should you prestige again, I'd suggest not using the tokens on guns. I'd suggest using them on late level perks or equipment. As far as the guns go they all tend to have similarities and adjusting something small in your playstyle would make up for that which you're lacking in a gun.


    Perks and Equipment however...Sure you can make some adjustments for perks, but not nearly as easy with guns. Don't have assassin? Shoot down the UAV right? Wrong, sure you can shoot that down, but to a person who isn't even using Marksman, you're gleeming on their screen with your nice shiney name.


    Equipment - What do you mean I can't stick a Symtex Grenade to the wall, walk away and detonate it when I want? We're getting pro-piped like mad! Does anyone have a trophy system? Nope, sorry I bought the MP7 which gets outclassed by the MP5 and PM-9 all day, but I have to actually let off the trigger otherwise recoil gets the best of me...


    My two pennies,


    - Goose

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    I'm redneck_sniper just made new Ccunt cuz I couldn't change name.

    Thanks for the info! Mp7 was a smart choice for me at the first prestige cuz it works very well for what I play.  And I plan on going to 10th prestige. I plan on spending the next tokens on most likely...classes and maybe c4 or something. Assassin is easy to unlock I unlocked it in first prestige in like 3 hours of playing. I had many high score games with mp7 and I'm already level 27 prestige so. Does anyone know if I level up the mp7 I got, does the level stay the same through all prestiges or does the level reset to 1?

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    Thanks for the answer, yea I figured it would reset =o but that's okay. What's so good with gold guns anyways? I'm guessing it also resets so.. Mp7 is pretty much my main assault weapon.

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      The "good" is in the knowledge that you max leveled the weapon. It doesn't perform any better.


      That being said however, there's no denying that some of the weapons look pretty damn cool w/ gold camo on. Me, I love my gold KSG-12 but that's due in large part because it's a helluva fight to get it there. It's the only weapon I kept gold on for any length of time though; my favorite camos are hex and digital urban.


      Now what would really make me happy (devs, are you listening?) is if I could put gold or platinum on my handguns


      Remember, you can't have slaughter without the laughter,


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        NO point trying to get gold camo until you hit 10th prestigem if thats what your doing. Use a variety of weapons and build the XP. It takes around 900/1000 kills to get gold camo in the main, and in all that`ll bag you 40`000 xp, you get 20`000 at 500 kills, 10`000 at 300 kills, and I think 5`000 at 150 kills. Just go to 500 kills and get your 20`000xp and move onto another gun. OR do as I do, use a variety of guns throughout the prestige, keeps things fresh, AND when you get to around level 70 check your challenges for weapons and you`ll be surprised how many guns you have near big XP targets. I usually find I need say 45 kills with the p90, to get 300 kills and a 10`000xp bonus, same with most of the smgs.


        Another quick levelling up tip, use specialist as soon as its unlocked at level 20, combine it with hardline (pro asap). The xp flys into your account almost kill after kill. Its like 400xp for your 1st flag cap/kill EVERY life, then 400 more every 2 kills after that.

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    The MP7 is the best all around gun since it's an SMG with an AR range.  It can be successfully used on every map and because it's such a late unlock, it's a good value for your token.  The ACR is good if you tend to camp for long range shots.  Otherwise the M4A1 and SCAR-L are both as good or better for medium to short range kills.  My first unlock was the MP7 and I never regretted it.

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    Buy a usefull perk. You'll get the guns quicker that way.

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    Thanks for all the info and lol^. Now Im level42 first prestige, and just today I realized I was about 60 kills away from 500 kills on mp7, do I got it and got 20,000 xp :) then I saw I needed just a little more for my fmg9(hated akimbo secondary 0.o )to max proficiency do I did that plus a bunch more challenges and got a ton of xp. I'm thinking bout going for equipment next prestige like c4 or an extra class. My main class is mp7 with Attachments-extended mags+silencer, and concussion, and throwing knife or Betty, then recon or conditioning, and assassin pro and marksman. With specialist or support package,.

    Today I've played bunch of FFA and I've gotten 1-3 place almost every time. Hopefully I'll be able to go to second prestige tommorrow :)

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      Team defenders good for racking up kills, and also the double XP when your team has the flag always helps to rank up fast. It gets a bit boring after a few hours though, as its basically so spray at the enemy when they have the flag.


      Still, work that with specialist, hardline pro, and your good to go. You can do a full prestige in 12hrs doing that mode solely. Trust me, I did it once

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    :) yesterday I just played FFA, with mp7 and throwing knife. I was doing really good and completing lots of Xp challenges. I'm getting a lot better with throwing knife(with wiimote) and its saved a few killstreaks. I still haven't gotten a Moab :( but I'm sure I willl soon ! I like playing team defender, with support an I get juggernaut and capture the flag and own.

    I guess I'll try team defender today.

    Last night I got to level 47.

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    Just played a Team defender at Village, and did pretty good. We won and goin locked gold on my mp7. Haven't been ranking up as fast cuz I've been trying to do knife only games :)

    But I'm level 56 first prestige so hope to be 2n prestige by tommorrow but idk.

    Still no Moab, keep dying lol. I don't want to be "camping", so I rush and die :)

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    Yea, I always use specialist unless I'm playing team defender or something that I think my sucky team needs support(lol jk 0.o). And yea I've been playing FFA a lot more, and I come in first a lot of the time. But I really like knifing and I feel safer with a throwing knife with anything else in lethal class. I was in a FFA match, in Hardhat, Using Knife Only( Usp. 45 Tactical Knife and Throwing knife.) I went 10-0 while holding down an area of the map(near where the "C" Flag Would be in domination). I was doing very well, being stealthy and I had all specialist bonus every kill. But then someone came by and threw c4 and I hit him with my throwing knife, but he killed me before I killed him :( so 10 kills is my longest streak. I just really like using me blade more than me mp7 ;) I'm Level 68 Prestige 1(less points knifing :) ) before I prestige I'm gonna work with some equipment and see whats best to use my token for, I don't need guns or lethal equipment. So probably Tact. equipment/Custom Class/Reg. Package. StraightUpBeast, can you PM me your Friend Code do we can play?

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    Just entered 2nd Prestige today, and I think I'm going to spend my token on Portable Radar. Reasons- I only use Mp7 as primary so don't need primary. Secondary I dont use unless I need to counter attack someone with akimbo. And lethal, I always use throwing knife(I have good accuracy even with wiiMote) an tactical I don't really use except for portable radar. Perks can be unlocked very easy so no need for that. And death streaks I don't usually get anyways. I've been using portable radar since I got it and I went 33-12 in a FFa on mission using it as another set of eyes :D and I like the rpg-7(spent one game today with rpg and c4 lol ) but I don't think I would use it as much. This would be my last token I would use on equipment. I plan on getting the 5 extra classes and packages maybe.. Took me longer this time to prestige cuz I haven't been playing as often.



    P.s. I didn't know If I should've started new thread, so I just replied here.

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    I love MP7 but don't understand some players love for ACR. Scar w/silencer and impact is pretty nice on some maps, but the difference between the auto ARs is very small.

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    It's interesting that this forums are still active even when we are really close to 1 year from launch and the next CoD Title has been announced, but anyway.


    If you are using your prestige token to unlock a weapon, you should go for the MP7. Even though that weapon completely ruins the game and your skill progression, it's a really good gun, I've already experimented all the weapons and I feel really comfortable using almost all the weapons (except shotguns and sniper rifles, cuz they are broken xD).


    When you switch from any weapon to an MP7 you'll feel much better, and with the EZ mode active, there really is no reason not to choose the MP7 over the ACR.

    ACR is a good AR but not even the best, it's a little too heavy and the range doesn't really matter as 99% of MW3 is mid-short ranged. Any areas that give way for long-range engagements you can go around pretty fast and get up close and personal with anyone using a long-mid range weapon.


    Personally I used the 2 extra tokens I had to unlock Assassin Perk and Type95. Assassin is just a must in my fave classes.


    Granted the Type95 is a fast unlock, I just love 3 round burst weapons and the MW3 version of the M16 sucks so I had to go to the next weapon.


    Anyways... yeah MP7 >> all weapons


    If you are going for 10th prestige and haven't earned it yet, then you might want to unlock extra classes as weapons will always be unlocked. Or just go for the unique token purchase Veteran and Hardcore packages (its only 3 titles and emblems but hey... it's the only way to unlock them)