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The MP9's ugly brother, the Skorpion. -video-



Completely overshadowed by it's superior brother (the mp9), the skorpion often finds itself wondering where it fits in the world of mw3. The only edge it has over the MP9 is a slightly better hipfire spread.


So with that, there isn't much of a point to use the lonely skorpion other than just to be different and give it some love.



Not to say it's a bad weapon, its perfectly capable of putting enemies down with ease, and still serves as a great back up weapon. I found that it was better to use extended mags with this weapon as opposed to a silencer.


While still good with a silencer, it didn't do too well with further distances in my experience. As you should expect really with a machine pistol. Do you guys have any love for the skorpion?


Hope you enjoy, Cheers.